Shocker: Obamacare not selling because it doesn’t meet needs of middle class

On the QT…

One of the “joys” of the Obamacare roll-out has been the re-eruption of insights from three or four years ago.  It’s like nobody was listening, three or four years ago.  But suddenly, now that we’re under the gun and millions of people can’t keep their insurance policies (or their doctors, their hospitals, or their drugs), the light is coming on.

Scott Gottlieb has another such insight at Forbes today:  people aren’t buying insurance through the exchanges because the insurance sucks.  It doesn’t meet their needs. Continue reading “Shocker: Obamacare not selling because it doesn’t meet needs of middle class”

California: The Obamacare success story

Bend over, California, here it comes.

Mere hours ago, California was once again touted as an example of success for Obamacare, an island of completed sign-ups in a national sea of unresponsive websites and frustrated customers.

Covered California [the state insurance exchange] has been a positive headline-generating machine for the Affordable Care Act.

So how’s the roll-out going in the Golden State of Success? Continue reading “California: The Obamacare success story”