Cybersecurity Program Doesn’t Heart O’Donnell; UPDATE

Smear by cyber-tag?

Here is an interesting fact.  Christine O’Donnell’s campaign website is being tagged by the McAfee security program as risky/unsafe.  McAfee users will be familiar with the red circle and white “x” that mark unsafe websites when they come up in an online search, and O’Donnell’s campaign site is tagged. Continue reading “Cybersecurity Program Doesn’t Heart O’Donnell; UPDATE”

Stuxnet: Observations on a Worm; UPDATED 26 Sept

Wasn’t very effective against Iran.

It’s early days yet to be making pronouncements about the Stuxnet worm, which appears to have been developed by someone’s national agency(ies) to attack the Siemens-manufactured computerized control systems (and only the Siemens systems) of large industrial plants, electric power plants, or factories.  That isn’t stopping the MSM from running with the story that a nation (us?  Israel?) developed Stuxnet to attack Iran’s Bushehr reactor.

A few observations as we move forward on this.  More information may or may not become available, depending on who did, in fact, develop this thing and why.

First, and most important, if what we’ve been told so far is the extent of what Stuxnet does, it isn’t a very effective tool for sabotaging Iran’s nuclear program. Continue reading “Stuxnet: Observations on a Worm; UPDATED 26 Sept”