Themes in Law & Order SVU: Your tax dollars at work for you

Such a story Big Brother has for us.

So, Breitbart alerted us this weekend to a Writers Guild of America-East event in February, at which entertainment writers and other intellectual luminaries – including a communications professional from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – will meet to discuss the topic of “The Affordable Care Act: Comedy, Drama, and Reality – Portraying Obamacare in TV & Film.”

Yes, this workshop is about positioning Obamacare in entertainment narratives – series TV, movies – in order to embed themes about it in people’s minds.  The federal government is involved.  And, of course, money linked to George Soros is paying for at least part of this.  Outrageous, right? Continue reading “Themes in Law & Order SVU: Your tax dollars at work for you”


Interdicting arms to Hezbollah? New report of Israeli air strikes in Syria

Strange disclosure about a predictable event.

The latest report that the Israeli Air Force has conducted an attack in Syria comes not from the Syrian rebels but from U.S. officials.  Why our officials might be talking to the media about this is a separate topic.  More on it in a moment.

The attack

The information disclosed to the media is sketchy; it’s not even clear that the target was actually in Syria, as opposed to Lebanon.  I heard on Fox earlier this evening that people in Lebanon had reported seeing IAF aircraft overhead during the period in question (some time Thursday or Friday).  The statement(s) of U.S. officials indicate that we don’t think the IAF aircraft entered Syrian air space to conduct the attack.

The overall description of the Israeli strike package – Continue reading “Interdicting arms to Hezbollah? New report of Israeli air strikes in Syria”

Boston bomber: Experts continue to reveal Obama administration’s misleading themery

They lie.

I’ve written about this before: the Obama administration’s penchant for creating “information” themes that misrepresent what’s going on.  My expertise is in military operations, so my points have addressed Team Obama’s methods for misleading the public on the meaning of U.S. military activities (see here as well).  I’ve also written about the administration’s pattern of propagating its info themes by “disclosing” them as insider commentary to credulous journalists.  Sometimes the briefest web search will reveal that what has been “disclosed” is not even true – but reporters obediently retail it anyway.

Now Andrew McCarthy has posted a must-read piece at NRO in which he lays bare Continue reading “Boston bomber: Experts continue to reveal Obama administration’s misleading themery”

Potemkin Palestinians, Made in USA

“Won’t you be my partner?”

This one is really good, and the best part of it is, you’re paying for it.

The live, direct, and totally-in-person Direct Middle East Peace Talks kicked off this week in the USA, featuring Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu and Mahmoud “Madman” Abbas, refereed by Hillary Clinton and the Statesdudes of Foggy Bottom.  President Barack Obama got to have a really cool photo op on a red carpet, in which he was taller than, like, everybody.  For a few minutes, US pundits talked about something besides the unemployment rate and his declining poll numbers.

Abroad, on the eve of the red-carpet photo op, the inexcusable existence of Israel caused a desperate Hamas, starving yet noble inmate-warden of Gaza Prison, to murder four Israelis (one of them a pregnant woman) in cold blood in the West Bank.  Mahmoud “Madman” Abbas stepped right up to the plate to communicate through a spokesman that this attack underlined “the need to proceed quickly toward a just and lasting peace agreement” in order to “put an end to these acts,” because he’s just that kind of humanitarian.  Meanwhile, over in Iran, the Direct Talks coincided with the annual Al Qods (Jerusalem) Day festival, in which rent-a-mobs shout hysterically as the revolutionary regime invokes death on Israel and the Great Satan.

Things were lame and boring, as they always are, back in the USA.  But Americans were getting to participate, Continue reading “Potemkin Palestinians, Made in USA”