Surgeon General-gate and the double standard for mixing health, guns, and politics

The public health realm IS political.

The New England Journal of Medicine has come out in high dudgeon over the vocal opposition of gun-rights activists to Obama’s surgeon general nominee, Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy.  Howard Portnoy highlighted earlier this month Dr. Murthy’s belief that doctors should interrogate patients on whether they have guns in the home.  As Howard pointed out, the provisions of Obamacare mean that the results of such questioning would be entered into the universal health-care database to which government officials would have access.  The NRA naturally objects.

The editorial at NEJM thunders: Continue reading “Surgeon General-gate and the double standard for mixing health, guns, and politics”

Wait – shouldn’t we be able to refuse service to people?

The sound of freedom.

I don’t know what the big deal is about the proposed Arizona law protecting business owners who decline to provide services for ceremonies they believe are wrong.

Quite a few people cheered in 2010 when three Washington, D.C. area hotels refused to host the convention of American Renaissance, a “white nationalist” group that advocates racist and other discriminatory beliefs.

The hotels didn’t refuse service because of who the members of American Renaissance are.  They refused service because of what American Renaissance does.  What American Renaissance does is perfectly legal, Continue reading “Wait – shouldn’t we be able to refuse service to people?”

Courts on same-sex marriage: Adieu, rule of law

A government of men, not of laws.

Adam Smith famously said there’s a lot of ruin in a nation.  America today is testing just how much there may be.  How long can a center hold, in our expectations and daily interactions, when the protections of our scheme of law are being dismantled before our eyes?

Robert Barnes, writing at the Washington Post, had a good summary yesterday of how Justice Antonin Scalia’s prediction about the majority opinion in U.S. v. Windsor, the DOMA case ruled on in June 2013, is coming true.  The Supreme Court did not rule on the constitutionality of state laws that recognize only traditional marriage.  It ruled only on the question of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.  And the majority opinion claimed, somewhat coyly, not to settle the same-sex marriage (SSM) issue by ruling on DOMA, but only to reject DOMA.

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My money: I deserve to keep it all

Deserving individuals, unite!

I may decide to use some of it for the purposes I assign to government

This is being framed as a deeply silly public argument, because it is being argued on the terms of the left.  It’s being argued, in other words, the way kindergartners argue such things.  “I deserve…”  “You don’t deserve…”  “It’s not fair…”  “MOM!!!!!!!  Billy’s touching me!”  “Am not!” “Are too!”  Etc, etc.

If any of us doesn’t deserve to keep everything he has earned, then that man is a slave.  Alternatively, he is less than human; he has no moral standing, and no unalienable rights inhere in him.  He is like a farm animal.

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