Why the pro-illegal lobby owns Wednesday’s murder in San Francisco

Own it, SOBs.

Masters of non-compliance.  (Image: AP via deadline.info)
Masters of non-compliance. (Image: AP via deadline.info)

Assuming that 45-year-old Francisco Sanchez is the right suspect, in the apparently random murder of Kathryn Steinle on Wednesday, 1 July, in San Francisco – and Sanchez is, of course, innocent until proven guilty – the case against lawless pro-illegal policies will be clear-cut.

The failure of Democrats and Republicans in Washington to cut off illegal entry across America’s southern border is why Sanchez was here in the first place.  He’s here illegally, and he has already been deported five times.

He also has seven felony convictions in three different states (Arizona, Oregon, and Texas).  According to the Daily Mail and NBC San Jose, he has “a slew of phony birth dates and aliases.” This all no doubt has something to do with why he’s been deported five times.

Yet he keeps getting back in.  And here’s where the tale gets extra disgusting. Continue reading “Why the pro-illegal lobby owns Wednesday’s murder in San Francisco”

Corrupt mistreatment of federal whistleblowers, including threat to gun rights

Throw them all out.

Taylor Johnson.
Taylor Johnson.

While there’s no connection alleged between this DHS whistleblower’s case and the Clinton corruption machine, it should be no surprise that the topic of concern for whistleblower Taylor Johnson – the EB-5 visa program – is one in which there’s a Clinton angle.

The whole situation reeks of the corruption that inevitably ensues when government gets too big.  It isn’t possible for government to have as much power as it has in America today, without corruption becoming entrenched, and starting to have very particular effects for individuals, along with the general effects for taxpayers and the people’s relationship with government.

One individual who felt such very particular effects is Taylor Johnson, a senior special agent in the Investigations division of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Her troubles began when she investigated the EB-5 visa program, a special immigration program that effectively allows the purchase of a green card for a $500,000 investment in commercial activities in the U.S. … Continue reading “Corrupt mistreatment of federal whistleblowers, including threat to gun rights”

Psychic DHS knew in January it would need to process 65,000 illegal minors

The vision thing.


Image courtesy Breitbart Texas
Image courtesy Breitbart Texas

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