Liberty 101: The principle of establishment

Liberty DOESN’T “happen.”

fifeanddrumDevelopments at home and abroad are forcing Americans to think anew about the meaning of liberty and the proper nature and function of government.  What is important to us, and what must we do to keep it?  How do we change the things that manifestly aren’t working, and are in fact doing us daily harm?

Liberty 101 is a series devoted to discussing these topics.  And the subject for today is what I call the principle of establishment.  Very simply, the principle of establishment recognizes that liberty and the protection of natural rights Continue reading “Liberty 101: The principle of establishment”

2012 election: Time-out from history definitively over

It’s baa-aack.

In 1989, Francis Fukuyama wrote an essay for the National Journal entitled “The End of History?”  The essay became the foundation of his 1992 book, The End of History and the Last Man.  I read the book at the time – and disagreed at the time with its quintessentially-20th-century thesis that mankind had evolved firmly into Western liberal democracy, and that the social and cultural pressures that had hitherto created “history” would no longer be doing so.

That’s the 20th century in a nutshell: the ascendance of a shallow, even sophomoric belief Continue reading “2012 election: Time-out from history definitively over”

Original racism

We’re all racists now.

You’ve probably heard the media trumpet blasts this weekend, heralding a study that purportedly shows 9-month-old babies to be “racist.”

Little b-words are probably sexist, sizeist, and ageist too.

According to the study, babies of 9 months (whose lives, we should note, are centered on eating, doodying their diapers, and putting unsanitary things in their mouths) have difficulty interpreting the facial expressions of people of other races.  Medical Xpress, reporting on the U. Mass Amherst study, summarizes the findings as follows: Continue reading “Original racism”