What Obama could have done differently to avert the border crisis

Epic fail.


Riding "the beast." Migrants make the perilous journey through Mexico.
Riding “the beast.” Migrants make the perilous journey through Mexico.

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Bridges to Bogotá

Bolivarian revolutionary tanks.

The news that Hugo Chavez expects delivery of his new Russian tanks “soon” revives concerns about what he wants them for.  The reported order of 92 main battle tanks (MBTs) from Russia (a mix of predominantly T-72s with some T-90s) will more than double Venezuela’s MBT inventory, which stands at 84 French-built AMX-30s.  Those 84 AMX-30s are a healthy force in comparison with most of Chavez’s neighbors.  But he also has a light-tank force of some three dozen French AMX-13s and over 70 British Scorpion 90s.

The light tanks alone are more than enough to quell popular unrest in Venezuela. Continue reading “Bridges to Bogotá”