Tell Me Again

Events from TOC’s family highlight what we will lose with a single-payer national health system.

…why we want to get rid of this system?


The last few months have seemed almost like they were meant to illustrate, with real-life events, the excellence of American medical care in its current incarnation.

It has become downright funny, just from the perspective of my own family members.  Of course, the medical issues for them are not humorous – but the juxtaposition of their options and care, with the clear trend of the arguments on Obamacare, is increasingly so.  As I have outlined here, here and here, what Obama and his advisors specifically intend to do is control access to medical care so that we – we millions of individuals – cannot command the amount of it that seems good to us, by being willing to pay for it.  Their concern is not the price of procedures or of “health plan” insurance, but the amount of total “resources” that is going to the practice of medicine in the US.  They want to deny people medical care so that they can spend what we produce on other things. Continue reading “Tell Me Again”


Living in Denial

We are calling the problem with Obamacare “health care rationing” — but we should be calling it “health care denial.”

It’s not about “rationing”

Betsey McCaughey did a wonderful service yesterday at the New York Post, highlighting some very objectionable elements of the health care reform bill working its way through the House.

It’s time for us to recognize that the health care reform being proposed by the Democrats is not about “rationing” health care.  It’s about denying people health care. Continue reading “Living in Denial”

What Liberals Will Get

The Cap-and-Trade bill, and Obamacare, shed much light on how life would be if the liberal left got what it wanted.

Collectivized.  Poor.  Nasty.  Brutish.  And Short.

I asked nearly a month ago what liberals want.  With the House having just passed the 2009 Cap-and-Trade bill on carbon emissions, and with Obama pushing his $1+ trillion health care plan hard, the time has come to explain what – regardless of what they want – liberals are going to get.  If, that is, we all agree to join them in the legislation they favor. Continue reading “What Liberals Will Get”

Obama’s Plan to Solve Medicare Insolvency

Did you know Obama is planning to do what he ACCUSED McCain of wanting to do during the campaign? — shift Medicare patients to straight public health care? Most people don’t.

Rocky Shoals Ahead for Obamacare?  We’ll See.

One keeps thinking “Surely Congress won’t sit still for this one,” as the Obama hits to the rule of law, free enterprise, and economic liberty just keep on coming.

And one keeps being disappointed.  But his health care “reform” proposal may well take some of the wind out of the sails of OSS HopenChange.  Many Americans have missed the fact that Obama originally proposed to offset the cost of his health care reforms, in substantial part, by cuts to Medicare and Medicaid funding.  The fact is becoming progressively harder to miss, however, with news that Obama now suggests doubling the amount to be cut from Medicare and Medicaid over the next decade, to total cuts of more than $600 billion.  The basic premise?  That the $1 trillion-plus Obama health care “reform” plan will take care of the shortfalls, for patients and providers, experienced from the cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. Continue reading “Obama’s Plan to Solve Medicare Insolvency”

Sensibility — and Sense

Conservatives should focus on sensible concerns about potential government overreach — and federal government performance in general — as the swine flu health crisis unfolds. They should not waste time on weird Hollywood-induced fantasies.

 Conservatives and the Swine Flu Outbreak 

There’s vigilance, and then there’s crying “Wolf!”  I am in sympathy with anyone who is concerned that the Obama administration – on Rahm Emanuel’s principle of not letting perfectly good crises go to waste – might well be bent on statist overreach whenever a crisis does erupt.  The administration bears critical, skeptical watching in this regard, given, among other things, Obama’s penchant for assembling finance industry leaders and warning them that he is the only thing standing between them and the “pitchforks.”  It’s not that there is nothing to be concerned about.  Each week provides new evidence that there is.

But it behooves critics of Obama’s statist tendencies to keep their concerns – including analyses and speculations – judicious and meaningful. Continue reading “Sensibility — and Sense”