A guide to the 2014 California propositions

Voting. It’s the right thing to do.

California flagThe Optimistic Conservative is back for another tour of state ballot initiatives in California, this time the ones voters will be considering on Tuesday, 4 November.

In this election cycle, there will be six statewide ballot initiatives before the voters.  I’ll take them in order by proposition number, starting with the observation that, on the whole, they seem to have made little impact on voters’ consciousness, other than the ones Jerry Brown has been plumping for (Props 1 and 2).

Optimistic Conservative recommendations in bold.

Proposition 1.  This is being called the “Water bond,” and is described by its chief proponent, Governor Jerry Brown, as a means of “saving water.”  With California in a years-long drought, voters want to hear that the state is doing something about the water situation, and Prop 1 seems, superficially, to fill that bill.

But the devil is in the details.  What does it mean, exactly, to “do something” about California’s water situation?  If you imagine that Prop 1 funds the expansion or updating of the state’s water distribution system – its infrastructure for capturing, storing, and distributing water – you’re wrong. Continue reading “A guide to the 2014 California propositions”