Obama’s Iran policy: The definition of insanity?

Psychosis in pursuit of bad deals is no vice?

A few days ago, there were shouts of “Vive la France!” as la France Surcouf stepped in to stop the Obama administration from concluding a bad nuclear deal with Iran.  French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said France wouldn’t be party to a “con game.”

But darned if the Obama administration isn’t back in the truffle hunt, rooting around for a deal with Iran.  You thought Team Obama was determined, against all signals from reality, to force a deal on Israel and the Palestinian Arabs?  That seems to be nothing, compared to Obama’s determination to sign a deal with Iran.

The smoke signals from last week suggested that the current round of P5+1 talks with Iran would break up Continue reading “Obama’s Iran policy: The definition of insanity?”


EASTMED: US carrying Turkey’s water?

Turkey’s BFF.

Cry havoc! – and let loose the frigates of war

The ante is being upped in the Eastern Mediterranean as the crisis south of Cyprus bubbles along.  Turkish news outlet Today’s Zaman reports that on Monday, the Turkish government announced a deployment of special forces along with the four frigates and naval helicopters maintaining a “security” presence in the undersea drilling area off Cyprus’ southern coast.  The special forces include a Special Underwater Defense Unit and a Special Underwater Attack Unit.

Reporting the deployment of the Underwater Attack Unit is obviously a political move. Continue reading “EASTMED: US carrying Turkey’s water?”