Obama’s ready to cut military pensions. But recall which benefits he wants to expand…

Shame on them.

Fake penny-pinchers.
Fake penny-pinchers.

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Disgusting: ‘Green’ land grabs, other crony goodies stuffed into defense authorization bill

So much wrong.

Land-grabber-in-chief.  (Image via FrontPage)
Land-grabber-in-chief. (Image via FrontPage)

New post up at Liberty Unyielding.  Enjoy!

About that new Navy readiness policy

State of unreadiness.


Make your bullet count...
Make your bullet count…

A piece by David Axe at War is Boring has been flying around the web.  Axe has done a nice job of translating the gobbledygook from this Navy slide presentation into English.  That said, we can add a little focus and precision to his commentary, and a couple of points about the implications of this move. Continue reading “About that new Navy readiness policy”

Taxpayer funded ‘Covered California’ dance-off with Richard Simmons

Worshipping national health care through dance.

We aim to bring you only the best in politics, culture, and social commentary here at TOC.  So we are especially proud to introduce video clips from the six-hour Covered California online marathon, hosted by Hannah Hart.

The purpose of the marathon, which ran on Thursday 16 January, was purportedly to get young people to sign up for insurance through Covered California, by “celebrating the 35 million Americans who now gain access to affordable health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.”

It was about as strange as could be expected of such a presentation. Continue reading “Taxpayer funded ‘Covered California’ dance-off with Richard Simmons”

Welfare as ‘transitional living’ … at Disney World

Transition therapy.

Most transitional place on earth.
Most transitional place on earth.

Sheila Jackson Lee, as noted earlier today at Liberty Unyielding, wants to change the term “welfare” to “transitional living fund.”

That’s apparently Ms. Jackson Lee’s contribution to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty.  And I say, let’s go with the flow.  Trying to “win” this war by eliminating Continue reading “Welfare as ‘transitional living’ … at Disney World”