NYT: Israel got first GBU-28 bunker busters in 2006 *UPDATE*

Competing narratives.

It’s hard to figure out what Eli Lake is talking about in his “scoop” today for the Daily Beast (and Newsweek).  (H/t:  Ed Morrissey.)  Lake writes the following:

The Israelis first requested the bunker busters in 2005, only to be rebuffed by the Bush administration. At the time, the Pentagon had frozen almost all U.S.-Israeli joint defense projects out of concern that Israel was transferring advanced military technology to China.

In 2007, Bush informed Ehud Olmert, then prime minister, that he would order the bunker busters for delivery in 2009 or 2010. The Israelis wanted them in 2007. Obama finally released the weapons in 2009, according to officials familiar with the still-secret decision.

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This passage is virtually verbatim from a Jerusalem Post report from September 2010 Continue reading “NYT: Israel got first GBU-28 bunker busters in 2006 *UPDATE*”