Veterans Day 2022: The torch of freedom

Why we honor those who fight.

Last year, I posted for the second time a recurring Veterans Day article, long a tradition at TOC and Liberty Unyielding 1.0.  In 2022, it appears for the third time.

In the preface for last year (2021), I felt that much had changed since the current article first appeared in 2020.  (An earlier article was published annually from 2009 to 2018.)

Oddly, though, in 2022 my sense is that the sentiments of 2020 are being reaffirmed.  The problem of threats to freedom continues:  more intensely, and in the same patterns.

The creed of American veterans, the yeoman warriors who have taken up arms for our nation’s purposes, has not changed, Continue reading “Veterans Day 2022: The torch of freedom”


One guitar: 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall

That one guitar made his whole life change.

Germans tear down the Berlin Wall, November 1989. (Image via
Germans tear down the Berlin Wall, November 1989. (Image via

What does the rock group Foreigner have to do with the fall of the Berlin Wall?  New post up at Liberty Unyielding.  Enjoy!