Big Carbon

Hot gas.

So, how’s that carbon-trading thing going?  Big Carbon set up shop in the European Union in 2005, and is scheduled to make its North American-franchise debut in California in January.  How goes the trade?


The answer in Europe is: not well.  Carbon trading is a zombie in Europe.  It’s going to start eating flesh pretty soon.  It’s on a rampage stirring up the airline industry overseas right now (on which more later), but its “life” inside the Union is creepy and inverted. Continue reading “Big Carbon”

Hard Times for Cap-and-Trade

Poor, minorities hardest hit.

Back in December, I reported on the woes of the Northeastern states’ Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI, or “Reggie”), which was having trouble generating the expected cash because recession-shocked Northeasterners were cutting back on all their household buying and their utility use.  Of course, that didn’t stop state governments from raiding their RGGI accounts to pay for a bunch of stuff unrelated to climate-salvation theology.

C&T has suffered other setbacks recently, one from predictable human baseness and the other from a competing strain of high-victim-card politics.

First the baseness. Continue reading “Hard Times for Cap-and-Trade”