Left-wing media in conveniently timed meltdown over Joni Ernst gun comment from 2012

Shall not be infringed.

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Athenian-style collapse of ‘democracy’: President Demagogue and the 12 mayors (Video)

An old, old political pattern.

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Choose Life: July 4, 2010

We must choose between a blessing and a curse. Let’s choose the blessing, as our Founders did.

As I flit from task to task preparing for relatives to arrive this week, it’s hard to focus much on the Fourth of July and the history of our country’s declaration of independence.  But in this of all times, it’s essential to do so.  America is at a crossroads as never before, rent not across state lines or over a single overwhelming issue, but right through our families and workplaces, our houses of worship and our communities.  Our division is over the most fundamental things:  what men are before God, what we are before the state, and how we shall then live.

An epochal decision is looming in our hearts.  I’m not speaking of “revolution” here, but of which future we choose, the blessing or the curse. Continue reading “Choose Life: July 4, 2010”