Football Follies 2022-23: Frogs-n-Dogs do LA

Fat lady alert set. We’re about to have us a champeen.

You might think the big story with the CFPuddle-pop championship for the 2022 season is that none of Alabama, Michigan, or Ohio State made it to the game.

But the big story is that SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California isn’t allowing tailgating, which has us here at your TOC Football Commentary Service pondering the advantages of a Color Revolution.

It’s true that the Monday forecast is for rain, Continue reading “Football Follies 2022-23: Frogs-n-Dogs do LA”


Football Follies 2022: Booger trails off (Bowl Week 3)

Fat lady starts warming up as bowls go Bigger, Better.

[To be updated with the 2 January preview before day’s end. – Your TOC FCS.  UPDATE:  Mission redefined and accomplished.]

As Bowl Week 3 heaves into view, the Booger light grows dim.  From here on it’s mostly quality football for football’s sake, with teams that don’t know from losing lining up to play each other for real stakes or in the Big-Boy-Bowl game’s all-time classics.

Memo to a recent Booger contestant, before we dive in.  Dillon Gabriel:  your wheeler is wide open.  Forget the post guy you’re wasting precious seconds of time trying to get the ball to in double coverage.

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Football Follies 2022: Booger busts out (Bowl Week 2)

The Biggest Booger week of the year.

The bowl lineup in Week 2 couldn’t be finer.  Some of the bowls are going to be attended by semi-serious Weather (Detroit on 26 December, I’m looking at you, with your balmy high of 20F for the Quick Lane Bowl.  Fortunately, Ford Field is a covered stadium).  Others seem to be dodging bullets.  (Bowl-maven Orlando will see a high of only 47 on Saturday, but the next bowl’s not until 29 December, when it should be a more typical 75.)

Still others, like Honolulu on the 24th, have no bullets to dodge.

In annoying NFL action, the Cowboys lost in O/T to Jacksonville on 18 December, delaying the playoff picture’s resolution and suggesting the resumption of psycho shower scenes for the NFC East.

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Football Follies 2022: Booger breaks in

Bowlin’, bowlin’, bowlin’…

[NOTE:  See the exciting UPDATE for the Frisco Bowl, below. – J.E.]

And so our favorite time of year rolls around again.  The Booger Bowls start their engines, and all heck breaks loose.  The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the splendor of bowls featuring free mammograms and swag bags full of tasty caramelized nuts, the diehard fans choosing among local attractions like “Wine-tasting and Pottery-throwing,” riding-mower races, dinner and medieval jousting, and three competing pub-crawls at once, in towns where you’re likely to fall in the water if you step funny.  It’s a mad-house.

It’s … Bowl Season!

Sadly, we do have to sober down for an appropriate period to note with sorrow the passing of Mississippi State Head Coach Mike Leach, Continue reading “Football Follies 2022: Booger breaks in”

Football Follies 2022: NCAA Week 15 – The Game

Leaving it all on the field, 123rd edition.

First of all, for reasons our long-time correspondents will well understand, we are over the moon that Bad Boy Mowers has become the new sponsor of the Pinstripe Bowl.  One of our favorite Booger Bowls, and a real head-cracker of a veteran sponsor, all in Yankee Stadium; what’s not to love?  (Syracuse and Minnesota will play, by the way, but we’ll get to that at the appropriate time.)

Our Inner Circle is also getting two bites at Cheez-It bowls, which is epic.  No other adjective really fits.  In all the history of Planet Earth, we’ve never before had two Cheez-It bowls at a time.  Stick that in your era/epoch pipe and smoke it.

But first, and ever foremost:  The Game. Continue reading “Football Follies 2022: NCAA Week 15 – The Game”