TOC Ready Room 19 Oct 2021; *UPDATE*

What’s wrong and right with the world today.

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Greetings, readers.  This is the inaugural edition of the TOC Ready Room, which will be an open thread and drop-by briefing space in the spirit of the ready rooms used by military aviators.

My experience being with U.S. Navy ready rooms, the feature image is of a ready room on the carrier USS Constellation (CV64) used by a squadron from Carrier Air Wing 2.  The image is tagged as being from March 2003, when Constellation was on her final operational deployment supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.  (The CVW-2 patch is visible on one of the flight jackets, incidentally.)  Constellation was decommissioned only a few months later, in August 2003.

On a carrier, the ready room is used for planning and squadron briefings, but also serves as a gathering space subject to availability.  It’s the center of squadron life during underway periods and deployment.

The Ready Room posts will be added at least once a week, Continue reading “TOC Ready Room 19 Oct 2021; *UPDATE*”

It’s all “legal”: Why DOJ was facilitating protests in the Martin-Zimmerman case

The news rocketed across the rightosphere yesterday:  the U.S. Department of Justice sent workers to involve themselves with protests against George Zimmerman and the Sanford, FL police department.  (See Howard Portnoy’s wrap-up here.)

If you haven’t been following the growth of DOJ over the years, you probably didn’t know that it has an agency within it which is dedicated to performing this function.  Well, not precisely this function – but for the purposes of the Obama Justice Department, in the era of the 2009 Hate Crimes Prevention Act, it’s close enough.

“Office of Protest Support”?

The Community Relations Service (CRS) is a small federal agency created by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to mediate and facilitate the resolution of local tensions.  It was originally formed under the Department of Commerce, Continue reading “It’s all “legal”: Why DOJ was facilitating protests in the Martin-Zimmerman case”

Florida redistricting: Jeopardy to Allen West’s – and Tom Rooney’s – seats

RINO watch.

That’s the narrow, antiseptic way to put the matter.  Legal Insurrection and Shark Tank put it differently, suggesting “GOP establishment” complicity in singling West out.

Will Weatherford, Florida state representative and spokesman for the Romney campaign in Florida, confirmed this weekend that the Republican-controlled Florida legislature is about to approve a redistricting proposal that will make it much harder for Allen West to be reelected.  Legal Insurrection points out the obvious: Continue reading “Florida redistricting: Jeopardy to Allen West’s – and Tom Rooney’s – seats”