Palestinian Authority plays political games with patients’ lives

Silly, torturous games.

Subtitle: Western media slavishly repeat PA narrative

Fortunately, there’s an Internet, and there are independent bloggers.

On Wednesday, AFP obediently put out a Palestinian Authority propaganda tale, reporting that the Israelis were suddenly barring medical patients from entry to Israel for treatment because the requests were submitted on forms marked “State of Palestine.”

Until recently, official stationery has used the term “Palestinian territories”.

But the logo was changed in mid-December, a year after the Palestinians won recognition as a UN observer state, despite fierce Israeli opposition. Continue reading “Palestinian Authority plays political games with patients’ lives”


Oops – The IDF didn’t kill Baby Mashrawi (and other things that didn’t happen during Pillar of Defense)

[Warning: graphic images]

Diligent readers of the Washington Post may know by now that UN observers in Gaza attribute the death of 11-month-old Omar Mashrawi, during Operation Pillar of Defense in November 2012, to a Hamas rocket which fell short and hit a Gaza City home.

WaPo initially reported the death using an AP photo with a caption that implicated an “Israeli strike.” The corrected story has that reference removed from the caption, after AP removed it in a correction to its original posting with the photo.  Numerous print and online news outlets used the same AP photo, however, with the original caption alluding to an Israeli strike.

Yet bloggers doubted at the time that the damage done to the Gaza City home was caused by an Israeli strike.  Elder of Ziyon’s post on the Mashrawi question mentioned these doubts first, Continue reading “Oops – The IDF didn’t kill Baby Mashrawi (and other things that didn’t happen during Pillar of Defense)”