RINO Watch: Romney thinks our human-caused “climate change” problem needs “leadership”

So last-century.

RomneyNew post up at Liberty Unyielding.  Enjoy!


Alt v. EPA: Score one for the good guys

Charter, exceeded.

This case is a few months old, but its outcome just came to my attention.  It’s a case brought by a West Virginia farmer, 61-year-old grandmother Lois Alt, against the EPA, which in 2011 was threatening her with thousands in daily fines for the substances rainwater might encounter in running off across her land.

Alt and her husband, Tony, run a chicken farm in Old Fields, West Virginia.  Their farm is subject to EPA regulations for “concentrated animal feeding operations” (CAFOs), which under the Clean Water Act must take measures against the contamination of local waterways with “process wastewater,” Continue reading “Alt v. EPA: Score one for the good guys”

Court-packing: Obama to succeed where FDR failed

In plain sight.

It’s sitting there as plain as the nose on your face.  The purpose of filleting the filibuster, Harry Reid’s latest contribution to the advance of mob rule, is to allow Barack Obama to pack the federal courts with ideologically sympathetic judges.

This is not a Tea Party allegation; it’s the conclusion of Mark 1-Mod 0 liberal-leaning staff writers at the major news organizations.  You’ve probably heard it yourself in the hours since Reid pushed the “nuclear” button yesterday:  “filibuster mumble mumble judiciary/justices/court mumble mumble” goes the standard media patter on the topic.  Outside of the industry-insider media in Washington, however, there is little emphasis on the specifics and meaning of the court-packing plan.

And other than on talk radio, there aren’t a lot of pundits clarifying what will be involved.  The average person’s imagination probably goes to Continue reading “Court-packing: Obama to succeed where FDR failed”

Why is air conditioning being made so expensive?

Women, minorities hardest hit.

I hate summer.  To paraphrase Jack Nicholson in As Good as It Gets, I’m using the word HATE, here, about summer.  This year, humidity has been added to the heat of inland Southern California, creating a joyous environment in which bugs thrive and arthritis flares up like it’s January.

No, I don’t have arthritis yet, at least not as far as I know.  My neighbor does.  I do get twinges in my right knee, where I was operated on 20 years ago.  And my household does have bugs this summer.

But I’m writing about heat today because I had my air conditioning unit serviced yesterday, and it cost $50 a pound to refill it with Freon.  It cost less than half of that for my last refill, in 2007. Continue reading “Why is air conditioning being made so expensive?”

Govfall: Or, tell me again why federal courts are ruling on the validity of scientific theories?

The infallible inflexibillity of orthodoxy.

We in the US appear to be very close to becoming a theocracy.  The religion in question is not Christianity, Judaism, or Islam, nor is it even environmentalism.  It’s “government infallibilism,” or, as I like to call it, Govfall.  The central tenet of this religion is that government is competent to decide or rule on anything – anything at all, regardless of evidence or lack of it, knowledge or paucity of it, or understanding or dearth of it.

The branch of the US government that represents the proper use of Govfall’s main religious tenet isn’t always the same one (which, frankly, ought to be a clue for believers).  The judicial branch has been, as it were, on the throne of judgment for a number of decades, but Americans have also suffered a few presidents to seat themselves on it, Continue reading “Govfall: Or, tell me again why federal courts are ruling on the validity of scientific theories?”