Spain prepares to commit cowardly act of dhimmitude


Imran Firasat and family.
Imran Firasat and family.

There’s no sugar-coating this one.  New post up at Liberty Unyielding.  Enjoy!

Germans All Set for Dhimmitude?

One weird rule: obey.

Everyone knows at this point about the German judge who filed a criminal complaint against Chancellor Angela Merkel for her remark that she was glad Osama bin Laden was dead.  A great deal has been made of what she said and whether it’s appropriate to be “glad” that bin Laden was killed.  But what concerns me is that a German judge thought what she did was criminal.

The situation here is actually worse than it looks.  It would be bad enough if the problem were only that a bunch of Germans through it was inappropriate to cheer over bin Laden’s death.  That’s the least of our worries.  I had the same thought myself; but I don’t propose doing anything about it other than expressing my opinion.

The real problem is Continue reading “Germans All Set for Dhimmitude?”

Mother of Parliaments Aborts Public Transparency

Parliament of Dhimmis.

It’s a good thing, in pragmatic terms, that the progeny of the British Empire are now doing their own thing, self-government-wise.  The US, Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand – a long list of us who have Mother England to thank for our democratic traditions have been self-sustaining in that regard – in fact, self-directed – for years, decades, or centuries.

But it’s still a profoundly sad thing to see Our Mum doddering into oblivion, suffering old-age dementia, political Alzheimer’s, whatever metaphorical tag we want to put on it, as the 2010 Pageant of the Absurd rambles on.  I’m not talking here about David Cameron’s impolitic communications in Turkey – the truckling reference to Gaza as a “prison camp” – Continue reading “Mother of Parliaments Aborts Public Transparency”