Durham’s ‘Clues’: Pentagon contractors, CrowdStrike, Georgia, and the IP addresses

Outlines of connections emerge.

Paul Sperry had an article at Real Clear Investigations on 7 October in which he reported that John Durham’s investigation of the federal government’s handling of “Russiagate” is focusing on Pentagon contractors.  Like the “speaking indictment” of Michael Sussmann, this framing of where Durham’s headed functions to shift perceptions somewhat, shedding new light on old information.

Like so much of the “new light,” the investigative pathways prompted by what has recently come out cause us to look further back and see the fresh likelihood of connections between the familiar events of Spygate/Russiagate and earlier events.

This treatment will not be at all comprehensive.  It’s a collection of such potential links, assembled in the last few weeks and presented in complete sentences as a marker, rather than as a finished analysis or theory.  Basically, these are research notes.  I want to get them out there as a service.

Rather than attempting to weave them as a story, I’m trusting readers to know the basic outline and recognize why dates and events are significant.  There has been prior work on all of the points here:  nothing is entirely new, as I think dedicated followers of the problem set are aware.  Hyperlinks will take you to more extended discussions and analyses.

Here is the grab-bag of interesting points, in no particular order. Continue reading “Durham’s ‘Clues’: Pentagon contractors, CrowdStrike, Georgia, and the IP addresses”

SunTrust bank, under investigation by Holder DOJ, drops Benhams’ property business

Attack on economic freedom.



New post up at Liberty Unyielding.  Enjoy!

The Obama administration’s attack on the U.S. financial system

A weapon formed against us.

You might frown a little if you heard that the Inspector General of the U.S. Postal Service is worried about how much Americans are paying for check-cashing and payday-lending services.  What dog does he have in this fight?

Well, catch up, because the Obama administration and the leftosphere have the ball rolling on this.  They want Uncle Sam to take over the short-term financial services industry.  (Emphasis probably not needed, but added anyway.)

As luck would have it, yesterday a new government report detailed an innovation that would preserve one of the largest job creators in the country, save billions of dollars specifically for the poor, and develop Continue reading “The Obama administration’s attack on the U.S. financial system”

It’s all “legal”: Why DOJ was facilitating protests in the Martin-Zimmerman case

The news rocketed across the rightosphere yesterday:  the U.S. Department of Justice sent workers to involve themselves with protests against George Zimmerman and the Sanford, FL police department.  (See Howard Portnoy’s wrap-up here.)

If you haven’t been following the growth of DOJ over the years, you probably didn’t know that it has an agency within it which is dedicated to performing this function.  Well, not precisely this function – but for the purposes of the Obama Justice Department, in the era of the 2009 Hate Crimes Prevention Act, it’s close enough.

“Office of Protest Support”?

The Community Relations Service (CRS) is a small federal agency created by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to mediate and facilitate the resolution of local tensions.  It was originally formed under the Department of Commerce, Continue reading “It’s all “legal”: Why DOJ was facilitating protests in the Martin-Zimmerman case”

Scrap the Senate Immigration bill

Kill the bill.

It’s as bad as the Tea Party thinks it is.  It’s worse.  In some ways, it’s a pig in a poke: it’s not about immigration as much as it is about changing the way government business is done in the United States.

A couple of points up front.

Legal immigration is good

First, I am a pro-immigration voter.  Not only am I pro-immigration, I am happy to accept immigrants who aren’t Ph.D.s, IT professionals, and bioengineers.  I have nothing against credentialed professionals, but the truth is that they are not the economic accelerators that small business entrepreneurs are.  America has had tremendous success with legal immigration; we should do more of it than we do today, and we should not seek to admit only those who come laden with wealth and credentials.  That is not the path to national prosperity.

America does need to repair other failures, Continue reading “Scrap the Senate Immigration bill”