What Obama could have done differently to avert the border crisis

Epic fail.


Riding "the beast." Migrants make the perilous journey through Mexico.
Riding “the beast.” Migrants make the perilous journey through Mexico.

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Russian navy promises “support” to Nicaragua; *Multi-media UPDATE*

Forget the Monroe Doctrine?

… and other news from the brave new world

In case you were wondering: no, the former-Soviet navy didn’t use to send warships to visit Nicaragua, back in the day.  Although the Nicaragua of the 1980s under Daniel Ortega was a client of the Soviet Union, Moscow didn’t send naval task forces to visit back then.  Soviet navy ships were in Cuba on a regular basis, but running the Russian navy around a Central American circuit is a new thing.

And what a thing it is.  Russia and Nicaragua can’t do this quietly.  They have to make headlines Continue reading “Russian navy promises “support” to Nicaragua; *Multi-media UPDATE*”