Navy chaplain guilty until proven innocent in gay-discrimination allegation

First they came for the chaplains.

Chaplain crossNew post up at Liberty Unyielding.  Enjoy!

DADT Repeal: Navy Chaplains Authorized to Perform Same Sex Marriages; *UPDATE*

Another prediction comes true.

Another of my predictions about the consequences of repealing DADT has proven valid.  A Department of the Navy memo from 13 April indicates that Navy chaplains will be authorized to perform same-sex marriages on military bases in states where same-sex marriage is recognized.

Navy Times reports as follows: Continue reading “DADT Repeal: Navy Chaplains Authorized to Perform Same Sex Marriages; *UPDATE*”

“Religious Bigots”: Out of the Formation!

Moral and religious: get out.

Sometimes it just has to be pointed out: I predicted this.  (Here and here as well.)  I explained that reversing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the military doesn’t mean ushering in tolerance, it means the opposite.  Tolerance is what the military has today.  Enforced intolerance – not just of religious belief, but of resistance to endorsing gay behavior for others reason (e.g., what you may not want your kids to see at the Post Exchange) – is what the military will come up with.  The military operates affirmatively:  what it acknowledges, it has a policy on.  Deviations from policy are not authorized.

I couldn’t know the senior ranks of the military would demonstrate this so unequivocally in advance, of course. Continue reading ““Religious Bigots”: Out of the Formation!”