When is America no longer free enough to be worth preserving?

No liberty or justice for any.

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Taxpayer funded ‘Covered California’ dance-off with Richard Simmons

Worshipping national health care through dance.

We aim to bring you only the best in politics, culture, and social commentary here at TOC.  So we are especially proud to introduce video clips from the six-hour Covered California online marathon, hosted by Hannah Hart.

The purpose of the marathon, which ran on Thursday 16 January, was purportedly to get young people to sign up for insurance through Covered California, by “celebrating the 35 million Americans who now gain access to affordable health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.”

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Covered California the culprit, again

On the QT…

When last we checked in with America’s Obamacare poster child, state media were crying foul over some cooked numbers from Covered California’s management, and new customers couldn’t get hold of either the Covered California service representatives, or the private insurance companies, to figure out where to send their first payments.

We’re now two weeks into the new year, and the new deadline for Covered California enrollment is tomorrow (15 January).  How are things going?

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California: The Obamacare success story

Bend over, California, here it comes.

Mere hours ago, California was once again touted as an example of success for Obamacare, an island of completed sign-ups in a national sea of unresponsive websites and frustrated customers.

Covered California [the state insurance exchange] has been a positive headline-generating machine for the Affordable Care Act.

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California auto-enrolling health plan exchange customers in food stamps?

They’ve got your numbers.

There’s automated efficiency, and then there’s the Brave New World.  Writer Nicole Hopkins’s mother, a resident of Washington state, found that out when she used Washington’s health plan exchange website to find a new insurance plan, and was presented with exactly one “option”: Medicaid.  Ms. Hopkins mère has always paid for private insurance, and fully intended to continue doing so, even when Obamacare caused her preferred policy to be cancelled.  But the new health plan exchange in Washington doesn’t offer her an option to buy insurance.  It has simply determined that she will be a Medicaid beneficiary.

If that seems high-handed, consider the report of a California business owner to Continue reading “California auto-enrolling health plan exchange customers in food stamps?”