Palin and the strategic impeachment question

Reclaiming rhetorical territory.


Strategy versus defensive analysis.
Strategy versus defensive analysis.

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A big sloppy ‘thank you’ to the MSM for tooting the racism dog-whistle against Bundy

Goodbye to all that.

New post up at Liberty Unyielding. Enjoy!

Schools asking parents, students to declare political affiliation

They have ways of making you talk.

Whisperers 3This can’t be coincidence.  Blog reports in the last two weeks indicate that public schools in two different states have assigned students to identify their political affiliation by answering questions about policy issues (mostly social-policy issues).  The assignments are handed in.

This isn’t a matter of students being asked Continue reading “Schools asking parents, students to declare political affiliation”

Various things I don’t believe

Non credo, dude.

1.  That Herman Cain is a sexual harasser.

2.  That Rick Perry had anything to do with the “leak” of “information” about sexual harassment complaints against Cain to Politico.

3.  That Mitt Romney was behind the “leaks” either.

4.  That the mythical ability to silence baseless innuendo, or spin it and come out smelling like a rose, or avoid it altogether, is a qualification for being president of the United States. Continue reading “Various things I don’t believe”