RINO Watch: Romney thinks our human-caused “climate change” problem needs “leadership”

So last-century.

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Brown signs bill to overpopulate planet

Inconsistency, thy name is leftism.

Moonbeam and friends, back when our global problem was an impending new Ice Age
Moonbeam and friends, back when our global problem was an impending new Ice Age

Apparently Jerry Brown didn’t get the memo.  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is 95% certain that humans are causing global warming.  This level of certainty is so categorical that CNN felt quite comfortable in using the long-discredited “hockey stick” graph to illustrate the warming trend.  Continue reading “Brown signs bill to overpopulate planet”

Yoop-yoop, Copenhagen

The “Danish text” leaked at Copenhagen should leave us in no doubt that Obama and his punitively ideological administration are siding against the American people — among others.

This is what happens when you take a break to visit with your mom and go to Tahoe.  You come home and find things in “disarray” at the climate summit in Copenhagen, because of the leak of some “Danish text.”

Those crazy Danes.  I remember on our “BALTOPS-96” deployment in the USS John F Kennedy battle group – a cold, rainy, but excellent summer spent conducting naval maneuvers around the Baltic Sea with our NATO allies (and the new Partnership for Peace navies of Poland and Russia) – learning from the Danish liaison officer that a common Danish expression was “Yoop-yoop.”  It meant approximately what it means when an American says “Giddy-up” in the course of group activities:  “OK, let’s go, let’s get a move on” – but in a laid-back, humorous kind of way.  The Danes, in the naval port of Holmen, Copenhagen, were superb hosts for one of the many port visits made by the ships of our exercise task group. Continue reading “Yoop-yoop, Copenhagen”