Antarctic expedition icebound: Human stasis, not climate change

Pilot error.

In one of those codas you can’t make up, the indispensable Watts Up With That site posted the real scoop, a couple of days ago, on the research ship Akademik Shokalskiy’s ill-fated encounter with Antarctic ice.

WUWT’s Anthony Watts was vectored by a reader onto the log entries being posted by members of the Australian-led expedition.  The logs revealed not only that the ship had been operating in heavy ice for days before becoming stuck, but that the ship’s master was well aware the ice was closing in on them on 23 December, and was trying to get everyone back onboard so he could move the ship.  The problem was Continue reading “Antarctic expedition icebound: Human stasis, not climate change”

Russia, China, India: Doing the jobs Americans won’t do


The US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, lambasted her colleagues on the UN Security Council on Wednesday for failing to agree that climate change is a threat to international security and peace.

Due to objections from Russia, China, and India, the UNSC was unable to adopt even a non-binding Presidential Statement to this effect, settling instead for a much watered-down version.  Rice was beside herself (emphasis added): Continue reading “Russia, China, India: Doing the jobs Americans won’t do”

Climate Scientists Won’t be Signing with a Label Anytime Soon

Fo shizzle.

It had to happen.  Climate scientists in Australia, frustrated with the recalcitrance of an increasingly skeptical public, have perpetrated a rap video.  In it, they make the point that they are climate scientists.  That is the burden of their thesis:  they are climate scientists.  There’s a little business in the beginning about ice chunking off into the ocean, but the point they labor to make with this video is that they are climate scientists.

Interestingly, although I’m sure their credentials can be checked, the video does the opposite of reassure me about them.

Meanwhile, Continue reading “Climate Scientists Won’t be Signing with a Label Anytime Soon”