Missiles for Hezbollah; a dilemma for U.S., Saudis, Israel?

Competition rising in the Middle East.

An interesting juncture is shaping up for three national policies: a juncture that will see its interactions played out on the territory of Lebanon.

Two weeks ago, UPI reported on a study by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, which assessed that Israel is preparing for a campaign in Lebanon to eliminate Hezbollah’s growing arsenal there.  The IDF’s plan is for a “short, sharp war,” according to the report:

The Israelis’ primary objective will be to eradicate Hezbollah’s reputedly massive arsenal of missiles and rockets “for years to come…”

The Wall Street Journal today provided insight into the evolving nature of the Hezbollah missile threat. Continue reading “Missiles for Hezbollah; a dilemma for U.S., Saudis, Israel?”

The crown in the gutter: Saudis, Lebanon, and Middle Eastern realignment

No, really. ALL bets are off in the Middle East.

The end of the year is a hard time to write about developing trends.  There’s a lot to say, long-term projections to be made, the natural urge to lay out the scope of likely developments over the next 365 days.  But there’s also the sense of endings, and a preference for brevity.  One wants to put the right period to the passage we have just made.

For now, I’ll go with brevity.  The Saudis have decided to fund a big arms buy for the Lebanese armed forces, to the tune of an unprecedented $3 billion.  The vendors will be Continue reading “The crown in the gutter: Saudis, Lebanon, and Middle Eastern realignment”