Christmas Greetings 2021

Glory to God in the highest! And peace to men on Earth.

This is turning into a tough Christmas week (technically, the fourth week of Advent), with some scheduling issues making it difficult to contemplate putting up a quality Christmas greetings post.

So instead of writing anything really new, I’ll link to a few old Christmas posts from Liberty Unyielding, and slot in a couple of videos to provide Christmas inspiration.

Feel free to just skip the old posts, Continue reading “Christmas Greetings 2021”

Christmas Greetings from TOC and Liberty Unyielding

Joy to the world.

A light to lighten the darkness.
A light to lighten the darkness.

New post up at Liberty Unyielding.  God bless us, every one, and Merry Christmas!

VA abuses American veterans: Denies delivery of Christmas cards

Tidings of discomfort and intolerance.

Children can’t deliver handmade Christmas cards to veterans in a VA hospital in Dallas, if the cards say “Merry Christmas” or include sentiments like “God bless you.”

That’s what the students at Grace Academy in Prosper, Texas discovered the Friday before Christmas.  They had labored over their handmade cards, but when Susan Chapman, a math teacher at the school, called the VA to arrange for the children to deliver their cards, she was told that cards with the prohibited inscriptions could not be distributed. Continue reading “VA abuses American veterans: Denies delivery of Christmas cards”

A light in the darkness

Tracks in the snow.

Candle in window 2Christmas is a day of the year, so historical things are bound sometimes to happen on that day, or just before or after it.  But the special meaning of Christmas to many people tends to give those events prominence and a sense of connection.


America has her own set of Christmas-connected memories.  One of our earliest is from the year 1776, Continue reading “A light in the darkness”

What to talk about this Thanksgiving

Talk amongst yourselves.

Rockwell ThanksgivingI agree wholeheartedly with Libby Sternberg, Kevin Whiteman, Jim Geraghty, and others that it is creepy and fascist of leftist policy advocates to put out guides on how to discuss the specifics of programmatic and regulatory proposals with your nearest and dearest over the holiday weekend.*

I assume most of you out there don’t actually need instructions on what to talk about over Thanksgiving.  But what fun would it be Continue reading “What to talk about this Thanksgiving”