Seriously II: O’Donnell Foe – “Bearded Marxist” – Checks all the Blocks

Marxist machine pol. Sound familiar?

This Chris Coons guy is a piece of work.  We know from previous investigation that he raised taxes on the resident’s of Delaware’s New Castle County three times, and that he came back from Kenya his senior year of college a “bearded Marxist.”

It wasn’t so clear until others did some diligent digging that he really meant that thing about being a bearded Marxist.  It wasn’t just a youthful peccadillo or passing fad.  He went back to Africa after college and volunteered for the South African Council of Churches, a proponent of the same liberation theology of James Cone that inspired the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ.  As Jeffrey Lord recounts at The American Spectator, Continue reading “Seriously II: O’Donnell Foe – “Bearded Marxist” – Checks all the Blocks”

Seriously: O’Donnell Can’t Beat the “Bearded Marxist”? UPDATED

Coons looks beatable.

I love Karl Rove to death.  (Who couldn’t love a guy nicknamed “Turd Blossom” by his boss?)  But in rendering his negative judgment on Christine O’Donnell’s electability, he seems to be taking a very one-sided look at the Delaware Senate race.

O’Donnell will be only half the equation in November.  The other half is New Castle County Executive Chris Coons.  As this Delaware blogger observes, Coons is a virtual unknown for Delawareans outside New Castle County. His national fame has been growing exponentially in the past 48 hours, however, as the blogosphere explodes with link upon link to excerpts from his 1985, Amherst-student-era oeuvre “Chris Coons: The Making of a Bearded Marxist.”

Now, we all wrote stupid stuff when we were 22.  But it seems almost laughably hapless of Coons Continue reading “Seriously: O’Donnell Can’t Beat the “Bearded Marxist”? UPDATED”