RINO Watch: Romney thinks our human-caused “climate change” problem needs “leadership”

So last-century.

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California and the Ridiculous State of Law in America

Environmental inadequacy.

There’s reason to rejoice that a California state judge issued an injunction on Friday against the state cap-and-trade scheme (C&T) proposed in 2006.  For one thing, the case’s citation name is Association of Irritated Residents v. California Air Resources Board, and how often does that come along?  Irritated v. CARB would make an awesome name for a rock band.

The judge, Ernest Goldsmith, allowed the other elements of the 2006 law (AB 32) to proceed as planned, so small businesses and truck drivers and others who will be drastically affected by its emission-curbing requirements have no prospect of relief.  The important business of driving business out of California will proceed apace.

Of equal interest, however, is the basis for the judge’s decision to suspend the C&T plan. Continue reading “California and the Ridiculous State of Law in America”

Stupid California Tricks

Who needs business when they’ve got high-speed rail?

Remember when California was just playing TV Energy Use Cop?

Well, OK, California was doing more than that, but the new things California is doing are so much better.

Last week, for example, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a new standard for the percentage of renewable energy to be required in electric power production.  By 2020, 33% of the electricity produced and sold in California is to come from renewable sources: wind, solar, biomass.

Everyone is stating right up front that this will make electricity cost more. Continue reading “Stupid California Tricks”

Hard Times for Cap-and-Trade

Poor, minorities hardest hit.

Back in December, I reported on the woes of the Northeastern states’ Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI, or “Reggie”), which was having trouble generating the expected cash because recession-shocked Northeasterners were cutting back on all their household buying and their utility use.  Of course, that didn’t stop state governments from raiding their RGGI accounts to pay for a bunch of stuff unrelated to climate-salvation theology.

C&T has suffered other setbacks recently, one from predictable human baseness and the other from a competing strain of high-victim-card politics.

First the baseness. Continue reading “Hard Times for Cap-and-Trade”

What’s WITH These People?

The Democrats aren’t even trying to deceive us any more: they’re going for broke on a naked power-grab.

Various news outlets have pointed out the release from Senator John Kerry’s office after the announcement that the EPA has found carbon to be a danger that must be regulated and restricted. In his statement, Kerry says the following: Continue reading “What’s WITH These People?”