TOC radio interview with “Talking Treason”; audio link

TOC radio spot.

Readers, I had the pleasure of doing a radio segment on the 17th with Kender MacGowan and Mike Kilgore of “Talking Treason” online radio, in which we discussed the Bundy ranch standoff and several other topics (including the Iranian warships).  A great pair of liberty warriors, and a great time had by all.

Audio of the 17 April broadcast is now available here.  My segment starts just after the 21-minute mark.  Enjoy!

Change coming to TOC

An ending and a beginning.

Eagle light 2Treasured readers, it is with tremendous regret that I announce a suspension of posting here at TOC.  The blogging won’t stop, but there’s a formatting problem, introduced by a recent change in the WordPress software, which is making it all but impossible for me to post items here.  I haven’t been able to fully gauge how hard the squirrels are running in the background at WordPress to do something about this.  But for now, there’s just too much work involved in posting at TOC.  I literally have to go through and reformat everything in a post, from italics and bold to hyperlinks and font. Continue reading “Change coming to TOC”