More notes on “fairness”

Highly overrated?

After posting my piece yesterday on taxes and fairness, I saw Jazz Shaw’s piece on the topic.  It impressed me that he mentioned he was still thinking through the whole issue:

…the premise [that “we want everything to be fair”] relies heavily on how we choose to define the word “fair” and what sort of taxes we’re talking about here. (And to be clear, I’m still sorting through some of this because it’s hardly a simple, cut and dried issue.)

I agree that it’s not a cut and dried issue, largely because it cuts across multiple unarticulated premises about human life in general, and the relation between man and the state.  I also got interesting responses from readers at both the Green Room and my home blog.  Reader KGB provided a quote from P.J. O’Rourke’s book Eat the Rich: Continue reading “More notes on “fairness””