American backbone, American decision – Marines bust a tune

These are the days of trial.

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Senate Report on Benghazi: It really was that bad

Two points and a What next?

To read the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the Benghazi attack of 11 September 2012 is to come away with a sense, not of conclusions, but of unfinished business.  Things can’t be left as they are.  The Obama administration’s lack of responsiveness and accountability at every level is simply too much.  There is little we can do about the past.  But the profile exhibited by this administration’s leadership cannot be America’s future.

The report is 85 pages, and the Washington Post has it online here.  (Page references are to the report’s internal pagination.)  Whether you have followed this story closely or in less detail, I don’t think you’ll find the report tedious.

The military assets-vs.-problem-set mismatch Continue reading “Senate Report on Benghazi: It really was that bad”

Palin’s New Year’s resolutions: One base short of a grand slam?

Going for the win.



When I saw Sarah Palin announcing her New Year’s resolution to “make government as irrelevant as possible” in people’s lives, I thought she had hit the nail on the head, as she so often does.

I agreed also with her resolution to encourage people to apply former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success” to their lives.  Her hope is that more and more Americans will take responsibility to live with integrity, Continue reading “Palin’s New Year’s resolutions: One base short of a grand slam?”

Americans: There’s no excuse for (some of) us

Legal torture.

Two beleaguered people have recently come back from the dead, unjustly-ruined-reputation-wise.  Both were victims of attack by legal action.  Both lost their jobs, had their names dragged through the mud, and had to spend tens of thousands in litigation costs.  In neither case was the attack the fault of “lawyers,” although some of the lawyers, of course, took advantage of what these unfortunate victims’ attackers wanted to do.

Both individuals were also vindicated by the justice system – after being run through the wringer. Continue reading “Americans: There’s no excuse for (some of) us”