Obama let 40-year-old oil supply guarantee to Israel expire in November 2014

Belgium, Munich: the analogies are piling up.

(Image: Wikimedia Commons, John Hill)
(Image: Wikimedia Commons, John Hill)

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Whither Camp David?

Is anyone THIS inept?

In deciding the famous case between two women claiming the same child, King Solomon propounded his “splitting the baby” solution because he knew there would be no need to actually cut the baby in two.  It would be clear from the claimants’ responses who the real mother was.

The Obama administration, by contrast, makes “splitting the baby” a regular feature of its policies.  This is invariably a bad idea.  At best, you end up with two pieces of a dead baby: something no one can use, everyone will be upset over, and that gives at least one party to your compromise nothing else to lose.

The latest instance of splitting the baby is the administration’s decision to impose a putatively friendly, encouraging, partial suspension of aid to Egypt, as a method of rebuking the Egyptians for ousting Mohammed Morsi, without cutting off aid altogether. Continue reading “Whither Camp David?”