Readers, I was a bit overpowered by the painful truth in this pair of emails from a new reader, sent today in response to my May piece, “California and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Budget.”  The best (or worst) part of this is that it comes from someone who is in a position to know a great deal about the whole issue at first hand.

I recommend just reading it for yourselves.  You won’t be sorry.

From reader “Oregon Here I Come” (link below):

Real good website!
I enjoyed reading your take on California’s Budget (?)
Here’s a little bit about MY California Budget experience.
I moved from LA to far Northern Cali at 18 and my 1st job was US Census 2000.
I was able to get my own little community as my first tract job.
My town has 256 folks and out of that only 6 people work, including number 6 which is myself.
All the rest live on SSI & SSP from Cali.
That’s up to $907 per Individual or $1569 per Couple.
So the Fed’s pay (tax payers) $674 and the State of Cali pays $233 per person.
California gives CASH in the SSP program because they want to be generous and nice.
MOST other states give Food Stamps instead of Cash.
That’s probably because if you go past ANY Dive Bar in California on the 1st of the Month, you will see the SSI/SSP’s there Cashing their checks and paying up their Bar Tabs and re-charging on their New Bar Tabs.
They also like to buy Meth with their SSI/SSP money.
Other’s that enjoy Morbid Obesity enjoy going to the Supermarkets and buying 4 carts loaded with food.
The Alcoholics & Meth Addicts don’t go hungry though, as Obama took good care of them by adding monsterous funding to all the Food Banks, Farmers Markets and and Faith Based Services.
So, they can get Food anytime from any of these entities. Also, Monthly Commodities was given Federal Funding as well. They can just drive up with their car and it’s filled to the brim with all kinds of food and needs! FREE! Oh, I mean from you and me the tax payer, Free style, free.
The people in my community have PhD’s in SSI/SSP Entitlement GETTIN’.
They make it their life’s goal to get onto SSI/SSP.
They throw a party called a ‘Kegger’ party each time they get their SSI/SSP awards.
And, that’s when they buy a nice fancy car, when they get their Windfall Checks.
See, they have to keep their Checking/Savings to APPEAR they don’t have anything over 2 grand for individuals or 3 grand for couples in the El Banco.
BUT, there’s NEVER any checking up or reviews other than a form to fill out and return every TEN YEARS.
The recipient even fills out the review form themselves. It asks if they have Inherited any Real Estate in the Last 10 Years. Questions like that.
Do you think anything happens after that like a check up to SEE if they are telling the truth?
You would have to go to the Attorney General’s Office’s website for the State and fill out a Fraud complaint for over a hundred times to even get them to send a letter to the recipient themself.
Nothing hardly ever happens to these frauds.
Another interesting fact about my community of SSI/SSP’s is that hardly any of them has ever worked a single day in their life.
You don’t have to have ever worked a single day in your life to collect SSI/SSP.
And, SSI/SSP is the ONLY Social ‘Entitlement’ Cash Program that pays ZERO TAXES.
Social Security Retiree’s pay taxes, SSDI-Social Security Disability Income pays taxes, CalWORKS pays taxes, BUT, SSI & SSP pay ZERO taxes.
And the SSI/SSP’s did NOT understand why they did NOT get a Stimulus Check.
But, Obama took good care of them and included them in this last Stimulus and they just recieved an extra check for $250 for every single SSI/SSP person.
I know almost all these people up here fairly well on a First Name Basis.
I can honestly say, ‘THEY ARE NOT DISABLED’.
Most of them are Play Actors. They have made up their Disorders when they added ‘Mental Other’ Catagory and that’s when they all began to qualify for SSI/SSP.
They call them “Crazy Checks” or “Happy Checks” up here.
They act Crazy to get onto SSI/SSP checks, and they are Happy because they get their Steaks, METH and Booze on the 1st of the month.
Almost all of the people up here live in Paid For Inherited homes on land.
It does NOT matter at all how big or how luxurious your home is to qualify for SSI/SSP.
Some of these homes up here where the people live on SSI/SSP are worth up to $750,000 on 25 acres of land. This IS California you know.
What DOES matter is WHAT they have INSIDE their homes. Although they NEVER check what they have on the INSIDE or the outside, just Public Records in the County Recorders Office.
So, these folks can actually have Italian Leather Furniture and a Pontoon Boat in the Driveway and SSI/SSP would not know and I don’t think they would care, they just keep sending them checks 10, 20, 30 and 40 years on.
In this County up here, SSI/SSP is a Way of Life and a Family Tradition.
Because when the ‘Head of Household’ is on SSI/SSP, EVERYBODY gets a check from SSI/SSP.
If Dad is on SSI/SSP, Mom get’s an SSI/SSP even though she’s NOT Disabled because she has kids under age 16 and she gets IHSS to cook for her husband who’s on SSI/SSP, so she’ get’s 2 checks, one from SSI/SSP and one from IHSS.
And, all the kids get an SSI/SSP check until they are age 18, and ALOT of them learn the ROPES by then and become QUALIFIED for LIFETIME checks before they are 18, so they just Transition straight onto LIFETIME SSI/SSP! Simple.
Also, if Grama and Grampa are around, they TOO will get the $1,569 for over age 65+ and being Low-Income.
The Un-Wed Mommie’s that are supposed to move from CalWORKS onto TANF via getting a part time job given to them by CalWORKS, don’t want to work at all, so they too go straight to Social Security and Apply & Qualify for SSI/SSP for the rest of their lives, and their kids will also get a check until they are 18, and maybe for the rest of their lives too!
ALL SSI/SSP’s and their ‘Household’ recieve FREE COLLEGE GRANT MONEY from Pell/Fafsa & CalGRANT. It’s quite a right smart amount of money too. Sarah across the street who’s Dad has NEVER worked, Inherited his home and Mom is not working because she collects a check from IHSS to cook for Dad, just recieved $1,200 in Proceeds form Community College GRANT money, so she has NO PLANS to try and bother to work! It pays too well from the Low-Income Child of an SSI/SSP GRANTwise to want to bother to work for a living. She said, she can keep collecting over a Grand a Month for a Decade of Free College if she wants.
Now these folks really know how to live.
Their Heating & Air Conditioning is Subsidized too.
Everytime I come home from work, they have recieved something NEW from Federal or State.
Like those CONVERTER BOXES, they got one of those, but they don’t really need it because they have Hughes New & all the Cable Channels you can get!
In fact I don’t know a single SSI/SSP person that does NOT have Cable TV.
And, they all have nice cars too. They were able to get a Car from an Organization that supplies cars to Low Incomes in the next town over, and that includes their Auto Repairs.
These people get to frequent the Casino in this County, take vacations, go to movies and out to restaurants, and all for NOT working hardly a day in their lives.
And they are hardly ever Sober either. The Fed and State pays them well to stay good and Intoxicated or all Methed up on Crank all day and all night for days and nights.
I just do NOT understand why California does not give them that EBT-Dignity Food Stamp Debit Cash Card instead of Cash from SSP?
Most all other states give the Food Stamps instead of Cash.
They are just going to buy booze and meth with the extra money anyways, or gamble it away.
The IN-Migration to California is now SSI/SSP’s, because they want that EXTRA cash check.
The OUT-Migration is Working California people and families, like myself.
I’m leaving. I have lived here all my life but it’s turned into SSI/SSP or CalWORKS Land.
The 1st of the Month is a Nightmare.
Don’t let an SSI/SSP hit your car! You will find out that SSI/SSP’s are ‘JUDGMENT PROOF’.
Just try and sue them and COLLECT upon your Judgment Lien, Abstract of Judgment.
FOR ANYTHING. Including hit and run. Sure, you will WIN in Court, but you won’t collect one PENNY.
Why? Because an SSI/SSP check is the ONLY check that is UN-GARNISHABLE!
You cannot attach an SSI/SSP check.
That’s why alot of Dead Beat Dad’s LOVE to get onto SSI/SSP, they cannot collect from them!
Not as long as they are on SSI/SSP, and I don’t know of any human being that’s ever gotton OFF of SSI/SSP after they get onto it.
Illegal’s don’t get SSI YET! But as soon as they are made Legal enough, they will definately go to Social Security Offices and Apply & Qualify for SSI & SSP.
They CAN get SSP and General ASsistance that’s made for Illegals.
Their ‘Anchor Babies’ CAN get FULL SSI/SSP.
But, they themselves UNLESS they are OVER age 65+ cannot get SSI/SSP YET.
BUT, they know about SSI/SSP!
And, they will go after it! After all, what else pays so darn well than SSI/SSP?
They won’t have to work anymore, or work EVER.
And EVERYBODY in their ‘Household’ will ALL get a check!
Well, I hope I did not take up way too much time or room on here, but I thought you might like to know what it’s like being aware of what SSI/SSP is REALLY like and all about.
It’s the most Abused, Wasteful and Misused ‘Entitlement’ I know of.
I have no clue as to HOW Obama is going to pay out all the NEW Recipients after Amnesty either.
They are NOT all here to work, not if they have another way to live with ‘Household’ check-in-the-box lifestyles awaiting them.
And, ALL SSI/SSP’s get/recieve FREE Legal Aid when they are turned down for SSI/SSP and they want to go to Appeals in Court, over and over again and again they go to the Courts’ with their Appeals and theri Public Defenders or Disability Attorney’s Pro-Bono to get onto SSI/SSP for the rest of their lives.

By: Oregon Here I Come on June 10, 2009
at 6:53 am

Almost forgot.
Go to http://www.policymap.com
Click on ‘People on SSI’
Check out California, it’s completely
Deep Dark Purple, the highest possible
amount of people on SSI.
Then LOOK at the Other States around.
You will see they are much Lighter, much, much
lighter in purple than California.
That’s because California gives that Extre
SSP check and DRAWS these people to MIGRATE
to California!

By: Oregon Here I Come on June 10, 2009
at 7:03 am


  1. Saddest part is that, the day SSI and related programs either become unsustainable or the money they give out becomes worthless, a huge number of people who qualify as incapable of fending for themselves – either because they started out that way or because they’ve become that way – are going to left without hope, and thrown on the mercy of family members whom they abandoned or who abandoned them years ago.

    That’s one more aspect of the problem that OHIC left out: In assuming the role of ersatz family/community, the state has also contributed to the breakdown of families and communities. Many of the people on SSI – especially the ones with substance abuse or borderline psychological problems – have been encouraged to remain maladjusted, and break away from loved ones and friends unwilling to support their self-destruction.

  2. I wonder, CKM, if it will really be the saddest day of their lives, when the gravy train grinds to a halt. As you point out, the difference between the state welfare system and their families is that their families often won’t subsidize self-destructive lifestyles for them. Will it actually be such a bad thing for the option of state-subsidized self-destruction to be removed?

    One thing I think we too often forget is that people are NOT actually happy, living as the ones described by OHIC do. We weren’t meant to live that way. That’s the insidious evil of temptation: it makes us think we WANT to. But that artificial “want” has to be fed constantly, often with drugs and alcohol.

    What a problem. 6 out of 256 with a paying job. I’m pretty sure I know which part of northern California this is. You drive through it and think, I can’t believe the way these people live, trashing up their multi-acre places, in this beautiful country. It’s the same thing you think driving through much of Arizona and New Mexico, where the majestic mountainsides are clogged with rusting house trailers, as far as the eye can see. The people who live in those don’t have jobs either. It’s ironic, to realize that it’s the policies of the left that have created the very blight on wild-and-scenic nature that the left then turns around and wails about. If there were a single landowner of 20,000 acres north of I-40 — or 10 owners of 2000 acres — instead of 4000 people living in trailers on it, it wouldn’t look like that.

  3. If such a turn of events, the breakdown of the social welfare system due to inflation and/or budgetary collapse, comes to pass, or even if a controlled breakdown is implemented, it may indeed be better in the long run for many, but the transition would be difficult and likely very ugly, both for the social welfare dependents and for families and communities. De-institutionalization was much, much better for a lot of people, but it led to an upsurge in homelessness and associated miseries. I haven’t given the question a lot of thought and don’t know the numbers, but I suspect it would make de-institutionalization look trivial by comparison.

  4. It really sounds unbelievable, that the government would create a permanent entitlement. It really is a case of incentives – you teach someone to fish they can feed themselves forever, somehow we taught them to just stretch their hands
    If society has a responsibility to care for those less fortunate (and that is the premise behind welfare, and health reform) that comes with a responsibility from them to society to not abuse it, be honest and use it the least possible.
    It reminds me of the scene in Atlas Shrugged at the failed factory, where people received based on need not merit and there was a competition to see who had the worst situation (having more kids, inviting sick relatives, etc.) so they could get a little more

  5. And i thought the situation in UK as described by the Mail Online in their story on the Daveys was b-a-d.

    Is there a way to call the attention of someone who’s running for a crucial position in CA on this? Perhaps this information, along with this one i read in Hot Air about Democrats cross registering and voting in Republican primaries to influence the results, might be acted upon, for a change.

    Think of the good it would do if TOC sent this Meg Whitman, etc. and they acted upon it to change the system for the better.

  6. i had SSI for manic bi polar, with 4 kids, all i got was 400 a month. you know how i got cut off? i walked into social security and stopped the checks. so your lies mis-lead people to believe that your false misrepresentation of the so called fakes living off the government makes you look like crap. didnt you know that if you have SSI, you cant get foodstamps? or that if you have SSI like mine from mental disorders they force you into a group home and take your kids away permanently? maybe not from looking at your alarmist cry to remove the money off of those who really need it. but there are people who do lie to keep it going. i now live homeless, so where is the money at that you claim i get? you want to share homes? i live under a bush using a phone, that i got payed for with bottle recycling. i dont have a car either. and i sure as heck have never had cable. keep your lying propaganda to yourself, or i may……………………, when i finally can afford one from selling plastic and cans, litterbugs.

  7. plum, thank you for your comments and welcome. You’ll see I edited the threat out, and I ask you not to make others, to my readers or to me.

    The point of the original comment from Oregon Here I Come was that government benefits are going to people who don’t actually need them. It sounds like you did need them, and like your situation is a very difficult one. You’re not who anyone here has been talking about.

    I don’t know where you live, but I hope you will visit the Salvation Army and see how they can help you. They have helped many, many people get back on their feet and heal painful wounds.

  8. […] https://theoptimisticconservative.wordpress.com/features/ […]

  9. The problem is that for every person who needs help and does not get it, there are dozens who do not need it, but do get it.

    I’ve seen enough similar situations to understand both OHIC’s point, and yours, Plum.

    But instead of blaming the troubles on him, you should be blaming those dozens who are living in fraud, to the point that most of us, want to see the whole set of programs gotten rid of.

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