The Optimism in “Optimistic Conservative”

The first shot across the bow by The Optimistic Conservative, making the case that liberty is better at improving the lot of mankind than government programs.

The first questions to be answered here are:  Why start yet another conservative blog?  And why call it “The Optimistic Conservative”?

                 Why, ultimately, invite you to spend your valuable time here?  What do we need another conservative blog for?

                 The answers to these questions are easy, but only because it has taken a lifetime – so far — to get to them.  The reason for this blog is that conservatism has lost its way:  in my view, is inadequately represented, on too many topics, by many of those best-known pundits and politicians who speak for it.  This problem is even more fundamental than the issue of political incompetence (an issue California-dwelling Republicans are all too familiar with).  The problem is that conservatives, Republicans, and right-wingers no longer have clarity – either unifying or boundary-setting — about who they are, and what they believe.        

                This problem was thrown into strong relief by Senator McCain’s nomination of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska to be his running mate in last year’s election. Continue reading “The Optimism in “Optimistic Conservative””