Missiles, Missiles everywhere


Back in 2007, when Vladimir Putin promised to rebuild Russia’s military and resume its activities on the world stage, Westerners were complacent. Russia was an economic basket case, after all. It would take years for modernization programs to kick in. And even when they did, they would bring Russian capabilities to no more than what America already has. Right?

That may be the case for some conventional forces. But when it comes to “strategic” missiles – missiles used for the purpose of strategic intimidation – it’s 2012 now, and Russia is unquestionably ahead of the United States. Not in terms of numbers, but in terms of missile capabilities. The Russians have already fielded ICBMs that are better than anything we have. These missiles present a much tougher target for our national ballistic-missile defense network than anything has before. If they are launched against us – and certainly if they’re launched against anyone else – a lot of them are going to get through.

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Guide to the California propositions, 6 November 2012 general election; UPDATE: Results

Ready, set, vote!

There will be 11 separate initiatives on the California ballot on Tuesday, as any California voter who’s been watching TV knows.  Some of the advertising on these initiatives is absurd.  Most of it from both sides of the aisle focuses on a single point – sometimes a misleading one – as if the voters are morons who can’t string more than one thought together.  Herewith, a slightly more in-depth treatment.  (Prop. 30 is the only one that runs long.)

Bonus features:  (a) a printable crib sheet to remind you which way you want to vote on each measure. (b)  Link to the full texts of the propositions at the California Secretary of State website.

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TOC on Talk

Talking head time.

Readers, I’ll be interviewed today on the American Hour Radio Show at 4:00 PM Eastern, with hosts Tom Garcia (Commander, USN, Ret.) and Paula Lauzon-Ostman.  The topic is the budget battle and the US economy.

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Morning in America

An earlier dawn.

On the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth, I offer some worthwhile reading (see below).  There have been a number of get-togethers and celebrations this weekend, with speeches and music, video presentations and banquets.  But for many of us, I think memories of Reagan are best evoked through, well, memory.

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