Seriously II: O’Donnell Foe – “Bearded Marxist” – Checks all the Blocks

Marxist machine pol. Sound familiar?

This Chris Coons guy is a piece of work.  We know from previous investigation that he raised taxes on the resident’s of Delaware’s New Castle County three times, and that he came back from Kenya his senior year of college a “bearded Marxist.”

It wasn’t so clear until others did some diligent digging that he really meant that thing about being a bearded Marxist.  It wasn’t just a youthful peccadillo or passing fad.  He went back to Africa after college and volunteered for the South African Council of Churches, a proponent of the same liberation theology of James Cone that inspired the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ.  As Jeffrey Lord recounts at The American Spectator, Continue reading “Seriously II: O’Donnell Foe – “Bearded Marxist” – Checks all the Blocks”

Can’t Pass Cap-and-Trade? Shift to Close-and-Prosecute

Rent-seeking from the public: by hook or by crook.

The events of this spring in the fossil fuel industry are so much a leftist’s Impossible Dream that it’s becoming increasingly hard for me to believe in them as unforced coincidence.

The mine disaster in West Virginia was a terrible thing, in which 29 people died. Now an FBI probe has been announced:  of Massey Energy, for alleged bribery of federal safety officials.

In the wake of the awful oil rig explosion, which took 11 lives, this morning’s allegation is raging like wildfire across the blogosphere:  that the explosion will be blamed on – you guessed it – Halliburton.

The bribery-of-safety-officials-leading-to-a-mine-disaster story line is straight out of a Hollywood script.  It scratches multiple itches: Continue reading “Can’t Pass Cap-and-Trade? Shift to Close-and-Prosecute”

The Sordid Business of “Reform”

Why are health industry lobbyists heaving cash at Martha Coakley? Look to Obama’s history of Chicago cronyism for answers.

The topic today is the business side of “health care reform.”  Two online articles recently brought to my attention prompted these comments.  One illustrates beautifully how government intervention in business distorts and suppresses competition, forces the taxpayer to foot the bill, and ensures that the product is terrible, usually for the consumer with the least market power.  The other is a harbinger of the impact that dynamic will have on health care if the Democrats achieve their objective of controlling it completely.

The first piece is from June 2008 Continue reading “The Sordid Business of “Reform””