A Choice of Names: Tours House, Lepanto House, or Vienna House

Cordoba House is one heck of a symbolic poke in the eye at Ground Zero.

My colleague C.K. MacLeod does know how to set the cat amongst the pigeons.  He’s getting a lot of pushback today for his HotAir piece, “Fight Them All Together,” about conservatives and the proposed mosque at Ground Zero.  I do think he implies a question that can (and should) be treated seriously, about what our concepts of freedom and tolerance mean to us, and where the line is between being tolerant and being weak or clueless.

I myself would choose to discuss that question without suggesting that conservatives, in particular, have failed embarrassingly to recognize its validity.  Some have presented their conclusions on the matter without taking us through the whole argument, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t thought it through.

On the question of the mosque itself, however, I don’t think any treatment of the topic can be complete without reference to the meaning behind the name of the “initiative” that intends to establish it – the Cordoba Initiative – or to the plan to name the mosque Cordoba House.  My first question on hearing this a couple of weeks ago was whether Americans are completely ignorant of history. Continue reading “A Choice of Names: Tours House, Lepanto House, or Vienna House”

In Defense of the Impious Rand Paul

Rand Paul wants you to think. His mainstream critics don’t.

If there is anything that demonstrates enduring intellectual piety in American politics – fealty to doctrinaire positions, reflexive demonization of those who don’t express them as a form of religious observance – it’s the fulmination from both left and right against Rand Paul.  I actually disagree with Paul quite seriously on foreign and security policy; I’m not a Paulista by any means.  But the reflexive, religiously doctrinaire reaction of his critics certainly suggests that any remaining aperture in their American minds can today be measured, at best, in micrometers.

There have been two incidents now, since the Kentucky primary, in which Rand Paul has failed to prostrate himself automatically before a political shibboleth. Continue reading “In Defense of the Impious Rand Paul”

“Network Your Drawing of Mohammed Over Every Apple Device You Own” Day

Suiting means to ends in the confrontation with Islam. What a concept.

Maybe Apple needs to rethink some things.  First it declines to create an app for GOP Congressional candidate Ari David that would have been (gasp) critical of Henry Waxman.  If the kids don’t know this story yet, clap earmuffs on them.  Ari David was going to compare items on Waxman’s agenda to…Soviet farming regulations.

The horror.  Apple decided that that was “defamatory.”  I deduced originally that this was code for “our lawyers would freak and Waxman would retaliate as only he can”; but there’s also the possibility that selling derogatory app content about Soviet farming regulations could tend to discourage purchases of the iStalin app.

Now comes word from Allahpundit that Apple killed a just-created app, iSlam Muhammad, for reasons the company’s representative “could not discuss” over the phone with the content creator, a comedian and filmmaker. Continue reading ““Network Your Drawing of Mohammed Over Every Apple Device You Own” Day”