State Dept. condemns ‘disgraceful shelling’ that wasn’t a shelling and didn’t hit UN school




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Hamas commits war crime, Obama responds with Hamas talking point



Hamas terrorists prepare a mortar launcher. (File image via Al Arabiya)
Hamas terrorists prepare a mortar launcher. (File image via Al Arabiya)

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Yes, I think Assad did it

It was the regime.

I’ve been hearing about an analysis from Yossef Bodansky, reportedly alluded to by Rush Limbaugh today, in which Bodansky suggests that U.S.-backed rebels were actually behind the chemical attack in east Damascus on 21 August. (Warning: you may not be able to bring the link up on the first try.  The avalanche of clicks from Rush’s listeners seems to have the site hammered at the moment.)

I don’t believe the rebels did this (which doesn’t mean I mistake any of them for the Green Mountain Boys or the Bluecoats at Bunker Hill.  It just means I don’t think they conducted this attack).  The character of the attack continues to finger the Assad regime, a theme developed by France’s recently released national intelligence estimate.  If you don’t have the means to read it in French or run translation software on it, Foreign Policy has a pretty good write-up.

Here are the key points from the French assessment Continue reading “Yes, I think Assad did it”

Journalists in Gaza working in middle of rocket-launch area

Human shields.

Mainstream media outlets are blaring out the story: “Israel strikes media buildings in Gaza, expanding its range of targets.”  (Well, the link worked when I added it.  Apparently the Washington Post has just, in the last 20 minutes, removed this article. [Note: “20 minutes” was two hours ago as of this posting.]  I’m going to leave the link as a memorial.)  The Reuters story is still out there.

At the Daily Beast, it’s “Bomb the Press.”

Reporters Without Borders condemns the attacks: Continue reading “Journalists in Gaza working in middle of rocket-launch area”

Drone warfare and “just war”

To the mattresses.

The US is enlarging its Middle East basing posture for unmanned aerial (autonomous) vehicles – UAVs, or in popular parlance, drones.  In addition to a long-operated base in Djibouti, where we maintain the headquarters of the Joint Task Force, Horn of Africa (JTF-HOA), drones will be based in the Seychelles, Ethiopia, and an unnamed nation on the Arabian Peninsula (possibly Yemen).

Bill Roggio at Long War Journal is concerned about our increasing reliance on drones.  So am I.  I concur with his reservations expressed here (don’t miss his whole piece, well worth reading): Continue reading “Drone warfare and “just war””