A reminder: Warnings about premiums going up under Obamacare were correct

We told you so. But so did analysts from the left and center.

The blogosphere is alive with the sound of Obamacare sticker shock.  The stories abound.  There are winners and losers with Obamacare, as was always promised.  Some people have to pay more, so that others may pay less.  Some people have to pay more so that things they may not even want will be covered (e.g., mental health and maternity services).  Plenty of people who didn’t bother to check into their health-insurance future before now are getting that letter from the insurance company, informing them that their insurance package of choice will no longer be offered after 31 December (it doesn’t comply with the Obamacare standards for coverage), or that their premiums will go up by 40%, 74%, or 107%.  Or more.

This poignant reader comment from the California Report website is typical: Continue reading “A reminder: Warnings about premiums going up under Obamacare were correct”

On the job but not getting paid?

This one bears watching.

I’m very glad Congress and the president decided to make sure the uniformed military will get paid during the government shutdown.  That was the right thing to do.  The move averts a game-of-chicken mistake made in late 1995, when Bill Clinton was dispatching troops to Bosnia while their pay was in jeopardy.

As long as preparations are made beforehand, meanwhile, there’s enough in the trusts to make sure Social Security and veterans’ pension payments go out next month as well as this month. That’s a relief to millions of elderly who can’t just go start harvesting vegetables or sweeping floors if their checks don’t come in.  We can assume Congress will keep a sharp eye out for the potential problems, and make provision for them.

That leaves our Continue reading “On the job but not getting paid?”

Duncan, OK murder: It’s the gangsta culture, stupid

No moral compass.

Colin Flaherty has the dope at LibertyUnyielding.  (See also here.)

Duncan, Oklahoma:  big little town on the prairie.  County seat of Stephens County.  Crape Myrtle Capital of Oklahoma.  Hometown of Jackie Sherrill, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Ron Howard, Erle P. Halliburton (yes, that Halliburton), and Hoyt Axton.  Home to the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center.  Host of the annual Western Spirit Celebration and the Stephens County Fair; perennial host to rodeo-circuit events galore.

Now known for a senseless thrill killing by three “bored” teenagers, whose minds have – of course – been immersed in gangsta culture.  All is not well with the spirit of our culture.  And the problem is not a lack of school funding, grief counselors, or “anti-hate” syllabi. Continue reading “Duncan, OK murder: It’s the gangsta culture, stupid”

Liberty 101: The principle of establishment

Liberty DOESN’T “happen.”

fifeanddrumDevelopments at home and abroad are forcing Americans to think anew about the meaning of liberty and the proper nature and function of government.  What is important to us, and what must we do to keep it?  How do we change the things that manifestly aren’t working, and are in fact doing us daily harm?

Liberty 101 is a series devoted to discussing these topics.  And the subject for today is what I call the principle of establishment.  Very simply, the principle of establishment recognizes that liberty and the protection of natural rights Continue reading “Liberty 101: The principle of establishment”