It Ain’t All That

Obama’s negotiating posture with Iran is weak in multiple ways.

The Western media are dutifully plumping for President Obama’s Qom Gambit, unveiled this week in company with Gordon Brown, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Angela Merkel, who was reportedly there in spirit for the Pittsburgh revelation.

Even The Washington Times has mounted the bandwagon and proclaimed Obama’s timing to be both premeditated and, in effect, preternatural.  It is, of course, an interesting study in contrasts, to see how the left and right react differently to the proposition that “Obama knew about this all along.”  The left:  impressed by his maintenance of a poker face.  The right:  disgusted by it.  What has gotten short shrift in political commentary is the objective nature of the card Obama is playing, and what his overall situation is.  When the Qom Gambit is put in realistic context, it doesn’t look nearly as clever.  What it will not do is galvanize or unify the world in preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Continue reading “It Ain’t All That”