Can’t Pass Cap-and-Trade? Shift to Close-and-Prosecute

Rent-seeking from the public: by hook or by crook.

The events of this spring in the fossil fuel industry are so much a leftist’s Impossible Dream that it’s becoming increasingly hard for me to believe in them as unforced coincidence.

The mine disaster in West Virginia was a terrible thing, in which 29 people died. Now an FBI probe has been announced:  of Massey Energy, for alleged bribery of federal safety officials.

In the wake of the awful oil rig explosion, which took 11 lives, this morning’s allegation is raging like wildfire across the blogosphere:  that the explosion will be blamed on – you guessed it – Halliburton.

The bribery-of-safety-officials-leading-to-a-mine-disaster story line is straight out of a Hollywood script.  It scratches multiple itches: Continue reading “Can’t Pass Cap-and-Trade? Shift to Close-and-Prosecute”

Buying Green Means Never Having to Be Honest Again

Buying green makes you steal.

Some days you find something that just makes you howl, and then (probably; we’ll find out) walk around for hours afterward uttering Father Mulcahey’s mantra:  “Jocularity, jocularity!”

This article from Newsweek is one of those things.  Hat tip, with flourish:  Hot Air.

I can’t stand it.  So I’ll just commence with the block quoting. Our heroes are being asked to shop where both “green” and “less-green” products are on offer, and then, in a separate action, split $6 two ways. Continue reading “Buying Green Means Never Having to Be Honest Again”

What’s WITH These People?

The Democrats aren’t even trying to deceive us any more: they’re going for broke on a naked power-grab.

Various news outlets have pointed out the release from Senator John Kerry’s office after the announcement that the EPA has found carbon to be a danger that must be regulated and restricted. In his statement, Kerry says the following: Continue reading “What’s WITH These People?”

Yoop-yoop, Copenhagen

The “Danish text” leaked at Copenhagen should leave us in no doubt that Obama and his punitively ideological administration are siding against the American people — among others.

This is what happens when you take a break to visit with your mom and go to Tahoe.  You come home and find things in “disarray” at the climate summit in Copenhagen, because of the leak of some “Danish text.”

Those crazy Danes.  I remember on our “BALTOPS-96” deployment in the USS John F Kennedy battle group – a cold, rainy, but excellent summer spent conducting naval maneuvers around the Baltic Sea with our NATO allies (and the new Partnership for Peace navies of Poland and Russia) – learning from the Danish liaison officer that a common Danish expression was “Yoop-yoop.”  It meant approximately what it means when an American says “Giddy-up” in the course of group activities:  “OK, let’s go, let’s get a move on” – but in a laid-back, humorous kind of way.  The Danes, in the naval port of Holmen, Copenhagen, were superb hosts for one of the many port visits made by the ships of our exercise task group. Continue reading “Yoop-yoop, Copenhagen”