New Year 2023

Light overcomes darkness.

There is light in the darkness, TOC friends.  Don’t be daunted by the storm clouds, lightning, and noise.  The arc of history bends toward the light, and we here in these living generations are witness to history’s great show.

Why is this so? Because we’re the ones who are here.  We are only inadequate to the moment if we choose to be.  Regular correspondents know where I think the choice about that lies.  Our sufficiency is not of ourselves.  But if we look for it in the right place, it is always far more than we need.

There will be much more in the coming days.  Fear not.  Light overcomes darkness.  See you in 2023.

Happy and Blessed New Year from The Optimistic Conservative.

Feature image:  Pixabay; author.

5 thoughts on “New Year 2023”

  1. Happy New Year
    Thank you for your informative postings, and words of reason and hope. These are very upsetting times. We feel our country is gone, our government is totally corrupt, voting doesn’t matter anymore from cheating. It seems impossible to fix our problems and get our country back without a cataclysm. What you write makes a big difference to me.

    D4x, your posts are very informative and I enjoy reading them, and have for a long time. I miss the bird pictures. I hope you are doing well.

    1. Just seeing this now (here in late February, 2023). Couldn’t agree with you more re: D4x—I too, miss those lovely (and ironically) arranged Audubon bouquets. That Liberty Unyielding was a rare bird.

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