TOC Ready Room 8 Feb 2022: Domestic terror alert results “changing quickly,” says Google

What’s wrong and right with the world.

Just a short update for Tuesday, as sites across the Web take note of a new National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin published on 7 February 2022.

The bulletin is not hard to interpret.  It says the following in the first paragraph:  “The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors. These threat actors seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest, which could potentially inspire acts of violence.”

The bulletin goes on to say, “While the conditions underlying the heightened threat landscape have not significantly changed over the last year, the convergence of the following factors has increased the volatility, unpredictability, and complexity of the threat environment: (1) the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions …”

Click to enlarge for legibility (all images). Link in text.

There can be no misunderstanding that “false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories” are the opening salvo of the terrorism advisory update.

In the Additional Details section, likewise, the first factor cited as contributing to a heightened threat environment is “The proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions …”

The first sub-bullet expands on that as follows:  “For example, there is widespread online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19. Grievances associated with these themes inspired violent extremist attacks during 2021.”

No “violent extremist attacks” associated with these themes are listed, but I assume the 6 January riot at the U.S. Capitol is considered one.  There is no attempt to include another one.

It’s important to mention, in fact, that the bulletin offers almost no examples of the threats it warns about.  The only one identified in the document is the attack on the synagogue in Colleyville, Texas.

This next “factor” is enumerated further down, however:  “As COVID-19 restrictions continue to decrease nationwide, increased access to commercial and government facilities and the rising number of mass gatherings could provide increased opportunities for individuals looking to commit acts of violence to do so, often with little or no warning. Meanwhile, COVID-19 mitigation measures—particularly COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates—have been used by domestic violent extremists to justify violence since 2020 and could continue to inspire these extremists to target government, healthcare, and academic institutions that they associate with those measures.”

It isn’t clear what “violence” associated with COVID-19 has been perpetrated “since 2020” by domestic violent extremists.  What incidents are we talking about?

Interestingly, while searching for more on COVID-19 and violent extremism, I found a UN Security Council report on “the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on terrorism, counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism.”

As indicated in the screen caps below, the report speaks of an increased terror threat due to such factors as these:  “There have been increasing instances of violent anti-lockdown protests by groups that advocate anti-Government and anti-establishment ideologies. Minority groups have also been impacted by the pandemic, as online misinformation/disinformation and conspiracy theories target vulnerable communities and seek to exploit pre-existing social and communal tensions.”

Findings from nations participating in UN survey on COVID-19 and the threat of terrorism. Link to UN report in text

So we can take comfort from the consonance of the U.S. national perspective on this matter with that of the UN.

A number of the voices analyzing this terror alert development have been critical, however.  All they have done is cite, quite exactly, the language in the NTAS Bulletin, and add their own comments.  They’ve retailed nothing as fact that is misleading; it’s clear that they are quoting the bulletin and then offering opinions.

I make this clear because Google has appended a warning to the search results on this topic, one I’ve seen quite a number of times now.  It reads:  “It looks like these results are changing quickly.  If this topic is new, it can sometimes take time for results to be added by reliable sources.”

Screen cap by author, 8 Feb 2022

And you can see that the top results are all from sites that are likely to take a negative view of claims about a threat of violent domestic terrorism, allegedly related to “false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories,” specifically as they relate to COVID-19; and completely un-backed by any references to verifiable events (or even prior claims).

The impression one gets is that Google is warning users not to think for themselves, but to wait for “reliable sources” to explain why the plain wording of the NTAS Bulletin doesn’t mean what it obviously does mean.  It means authorities are officially concerned that speech they deem to be false or misleading about COVID-19 is likely to promote violent domestic extremism and terrorist acts.

Here’s what’s important.  Regardless of the spin put on this by the media, the NTAS Bulletin in its current form would justify treating those whose speech about COVID-19 is deemed “false or misleading” as inciters of domestic terrorism.

That wouldn’t apply solely to social media users who express everything in expletives.  It would apply to professionals like virologist Dr. Robert Malone, who is maligned as having put out “misinformation” in his now-ultrafamous interview with Jor Rogan on Spotify.  Or like Dr. Marty Makary, a frequent expert commentator on Fox News, who was selected in January as the top COVID-19 advisor to new Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin.

The NTAS Bulletin’s “threat assessment” could also be used to identify media outlets that allow commentators to deviate from the Biden administration narrative on COVID-19 as collaborators in violent extremism.

All of the people and entities in these categories are conventionally pro-vaccine, by the way.  They have, however, opposed (or at least questioned) mandates, condemned the withholding of therapeutic measures like monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin, and criticized the record-keeping of hospitals and other institutions on the COVID-19 pandemic.

This set of conditions, according to the mainstream media narrative (as echoed by President Biden himself), makes them “anti-vaxxers” and means they are putting out “false or misleading narratives.”

Maybe the media will talk this down and insist that the bulletin doesn’t mean what it says.  But as long as it’s in effect in its published form, it can be taken to mean just what it says about the federal government’s view of what free speech and competing opinions amount to.

Meanwhile, the NTAS Bulletin update seems tailor-made for accusing any upcoming American truck convoys of acting on “false and misleading information” about COVID-19 and fomenting violent extremism – especially if one unidentified bozo (or better yet, two dozen laughably improbable “Patriot Front” dudes) can be photographed parading with a Confederate flag in the vicinity.  That one yo-yo with a Confederate flag in Ottawa (suspected by many on both sides of the border of being a set-up) was all it took to cue the cries of “white supremacy” and “violence” and “domestic terrorism” from Canadian and U.S. mainstream media and left-wing politicians alike.

Feature image: U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Felix Garza Jr. (Via Wikimedia Commons)

3 thoughts on “TOC Ready Room 8 Feb 2022: Domestic terror alert results “changing quickly,” says Google”

  1. Canada’s Macleans and National Post, also reporting imaginary 卐s, should start reading UK Daily Mail:

    Feb. 7 2022 […] Since arrived in Ottawa last week we have seen no indication of violence or vandalism or any extremist political agenda. In fact, the demonstrations have shown the opposite. Apart from the incessant honking of their horns, all has been peaceful. The truckers seem to have united the people of Canada in a common goal, to get rid of government mandates. […]

    UK Daily Mail is also keeping track of which USmedia fails to report on Prof. Hanke’s ‘COVID lockdown fail’ study

    Feb. 3, 2022. So why did so many American mainstream media outlets IGNORE a reputable university’s study that lockdowns didn’t work? New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC and CBS all failed to run the story because they ‘have their own narrative written’ […]

    and then there is this, someone who also just published a ‘Freedom Convoy Canada’ report in Newsweek, which I did not click to:

    8:18 AM · Feb 7, 2022·The Gordilocks Zone @GhostOfGord
    Update Thread on #FreedomConvoyCanada2022 + what’s happening in Ottawa w/my fellow Road Warriors, The City, Feds, and out here in the media space.
    First off – Last night Ottawa Police showed up at the community kitchen named ‘Coventry’ set up by truckers + their supporters 1/
    It appears that this was merely a publicity stunt on the part of @OttawaPolice – they only took a few Jerry cans of diesel fuel for the cameras, and on the whole it seems a very weaksauce show of intimidation.
    >>> 13/

    Well, at least the IRS backed off their ‘facial recognition plan’.

    Watched the 2017 film, Molly’s Game. (free on demand on Freeform channel)
    Brilliant adaption, written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, of true story involving poker, Russian mob, and, FBI/DoJ ‘overreaction with traps.’ First thing they did was seize her bank accounts, 4mil$ +. Then IRS assessed taxes on the funds seized. More set-ups.
    Then, 17 FBI agents knock first.
    Idris Elba as Jessica ‘Molly’ Chastain’s lawyer is brilliant when he recites that and more to the DoJ prosecutor. Do not plan on reading her book. ☺

  2. All oppressive leftist political movements require submission. Samizdat must be suppressed, and dissidents must be relegated to their assigned cells. As my old man always said “…slavery, ultimately requires of it the acquiescence of the slave…” Western “democratic” governments have begun to abandon their rather shaky foundational precept of governing with the assent of the governed.

    So, the Deep State/Establishment which is deeply self-perpetuating and completely opposed to popular will presses on with its century long quest to marginalize and set aside the rather inconvenient nature of the foundational limits of this nation (Constitution, Articles of Confederation, and Declaration of Independence). All three of those primary legal and social works are grounded in the natural rights possessed by all individuals. They strictly limit the powers of the governors and evoke a natural aversion to the centralization of power.

    The fascist political establishment’s slow infection has increased in speed and pain to the point where the festering sore has begun to overwhelm the sufferer. As with any such pathology the sufferer either lances and cleans the wound, or perishes as the result of the gangrenous poison.

    The NHS memo is a reminder that the Deep State regards healthy polity as a threat. Dissidence cannot be tolerated, and the 1960’s Maoists (born of the Leftists of the prior century), their children, and grandchildren have nearly completed the work of destroying what threatens them the most; free speech, a truly free press, and public expression of a religious faith all of which distrust and limit state power.

    This next decade will tell whether or not the political body can clean the infection and heal itself without radical surgery that it is ill equipped to perform.


  3. Challenging the official government narrative is now terrorism. Look and see what is happening in Ottawa. Justin Trudeau libels and slanders the truckers as Nazis and white supremacists, and suddenly that becomes the official government narrative.

    Not just the CBC but the compliant media here in America parrots that.

    It is part of the Great Reset, which wants to impose a new feudalistic society on us.

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