Football Follies 2021: NCAA – Fat lady hits High C

It all comes down to this (I).

Well, OK, technically B5. See below.

Here it comes.  Monday 10 January is the night of nights, as #1 Alabama and “#3” Georgia, to the surprise of absolutely no one, take the field to decide the CF-OMGwhateverdude National Champeen of the World, in the CFP National Championship Presented by AT&T .

What is there to say?  Both teams are 13-1.  Alabama beat Georgia for the SEC title in December.  Pretty decisively, for that matter:  41-24, in a game that was only close in the first quarter.  As befits Today’s SEC, it was neither a defensive nor an offensive battle.  It was Whole-Spectrum Football, and Bama was better.  By no means an unbeatable juggernaut, but materially and credibly better.

That said, you don’t count Georgia out.  Profound, we know.  Profundity is our specialty.  (The oddsquad agrees with us, it appears.)

The little specs.  Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, 7 PM Central (8 PM Eastern).  You can still get a ticket through the front door for $382.  The useless Stadium Roof Status site has no information on whether the roof is closed, but since the high today in Indy was supposed to be 29, after a low of 8, we’re guessing it’s closed.

The Tide had this year’s Heisman Trophy winner, QB Bryce Young.  Sophomore Young, who tore up Georgia’s D in the conference title game, is playing.

Georgia is giving 2.5 as of the last check.

As we count down the minutes and vittle up, a final tally on our FBS Inner Circle and their bowl exploits.

Middle Tennessee 31, Toledo 24 in the Bahamas Bowl

Tulsa 30, Old Dominion 17 in the Myrtle Beach Bowl Presented by TaxAct

Wyoming 52, Kent State 38 in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Army 24, Missouri 22 in the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl

Western Michigan 52, Nevada 24 in the Quick Lane Bowl

Air Force 31, Louisville 28 in the SERVPRO First Responder Bowl

Oklahoma 47, Oregon 32 in the Valero Alamo Bowl

Maryland 54, Virginia Tech 10 in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl

Oklahoma State 37, Notre Dame 35 in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl

Kansas State 42, LSU 14 in the TaxAct Texas Bowl

As previously noted, Nevada, Virginia Tech, and LSU came to their bowls with fatally depleted rosters, between injuries and the NFL draft.  Each team also lost its head coach at the end of the regular season.  Our hats are off to their energetic and determined play in spite of these shortfalls.

Navy and TCU missed bowl eligibility this year.  But we know they’ll be back in fine form this fall.

Bravo Zulu to all.

Other ranks

Congratulations to North Dakota State, which rolled decisively over challenger Montana State  on Saturday at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas.  Once again, the Bison go home the FCS champions.  Well done.  We’re still hoping for Toilet Seat Museum sightings.  The crow doesn’t even have to fly, if he doesn’t feel like it, to get to The Colony from Frisco.  It’s a nice little hop.

The NFL is coming into its own, such as it is these days, with the playoffs chug-chugging to life.  But it has to be admitted:  darkness is starting to fall on another football season.  God bless us, every one.

Ridiculously powerful Soprano Montserrat Caballé ends Verdi’s Don Carlo with a 15-second B5.  It starts at 1:17 in the video.

Feature image:  Oklahoma State WR #85 Jaden Bray catapults to the end zone for the first Cowboy TD in a come-from-behind 37-35 victory over Notre Dame, PlayStation Fiesta Bowl 1 Jan 2022. ESPN video via Big XII, YouTube

9 thoughts on “Football Follies 2021: NCAA – Fat lady hits High C”

  1. So, great defenses etc, but some of these receivers have plenty of room with perfectly thrown balls coming at them, and I’ve seen Sun Belt receivers catch better,

    Kind of a mess out there. Defenses look tighter than they are, IMO, because the offensive execution has been underwhelming on both sides.

    Well. Most of the half still to go. Will almost certainly matter that Georgia just blocked what would have been the game’s 6th FG.

  2. Alabama still in it with 2 and change to go.

    Assume no one will ever get over the fumble call.

    Goofy game. Should have gone with a PDQ Bach video.

  3. Oops, and there it is. Pick-6 Dogs puts it away.

    Congrats to Georgia. I’m patting myself on the back for missing the Katy Perry video premier at the half. The officials squad may want to enter the witness protection program, but at least the dramatic ending affords something else to talk about.

    1. Happy trails OC. Feb will only be 67 days this year. Labor Day is just around the corner. OAB59 is correct, Williams goes down, game is over. Gives us an idea of how thin the Bama Offense has become.

      1. No leap year, so Feb will keep it all in one sock. Let us hope indeed that Labor Day rolls around with no disruptions to football from the cosmos.

  4. Well, a championship game – that I didn’t watch but tracked on the phone… I had Bible Study last evening so that was a tad more important than a football game (unfortunately for our culture many folks don’t feel that way) but I was keeping track. I saw when Georgia scored the first TD of the contest and knew that it was over. What was not readily apparent in the stats was the loss of Alabama’s key player, Jameson Williams (WR), in the second half. Their young QB just had no targets, and their offense folded like a wet tent. Georgia’s took advantage of a worn-out Alabama defense and Stetson had his hat… the pick-six was more of a tomb stone inscription than a game sealer. The Tide’s defense was out of it before the 2nd half kick.

    So the Fakeoffs ended with a tragic non-football joke of the SEC East champ that lost to the SEC West Champ, resetting and playing an SEC championship II. Frankly, no one won anything. The FBS setup is phony, and not football. It needs to be fixed, but there is too much money in having a corrupted non-competitive system where the big bucks from the Mouse drives the TV contracts and dictates the outcomes.

    The real champions of the 2021 season were the North Dakota State Bison with their real championship win over Montana State. When the FBS finally implements a real conference and playoff system then there will be real championships. Until then it’s all phony as a $3-bill and Cheez-wiz.. (The latter of which at least makes yummy nacho sauce…)


    1. Year in and year out we see that never more than 3 teams are of the caliber to become the champs.

  5. Agree, OAB; the loss of Williams was major. Bama O has been dining on Nutrisystem. Other designated WRs should be able to, you know, catch the ball.

    Well, I wasn’t rooting for either team anyway, sort of preferred to see Georgia win on principle, so it’s all good. Michigan wouldn’t have beaten either of them, but Ohio State might.

  6. I like that Defense is back in style. Once again we find that year after year only 3 teams are of championship capability in the 4 team playoff. This year one could say that all 4 were competitive, which is a rarity.

    NIL might change this to a degree, even if it is shifting which are the top shelf programs

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