TOC Ready Room 15 Dec 2021: Contra-indicative speech; Trump’s F-bomb; military notes

What’s wrong and right with the world.

The strangeness of this hour has crossed a line in recent days.  It’s a line between some level of fealty to demonstrable reality, and none.

Over the last few years, we have repeatedly witnessed the media, and many politicians pushing a far-left agenda, twisting their speech into knots in order to not quite be lying when they present an untruthful picture of events.

In the last few days, they have liberated themselves from the constraint to not quite be lying.  One of the most noticeable instances of this is Rep. Liz Cheney’s dramatic reading on 13 December of text messages that flew on 6 January 2021 during the Capitol riot.  The text messages were turned over to the committee by Trump’s then-chief of staff, Mark Meadows.  (*Update*:  See new reporting from Wednesday, at the end of this section, on doctoring of a Jim Jordan text message by Adam Schiff.)

Now, it’s true, as numerous pundits have pointed out on Tuesday, that the effect of Cheney’s recital was to prove that there was no conspiracy against congressional process involving the Trump Oval Office.  The text messages made it clear Trump’s closest advisors were startled and alarmed by the break-in at the Capitol, and wanted it to end as quickly as possible.

But Cheney’s purpose in reading the texts to the cameras wasn’t to prove that.  It was to convey a particular point:  that Trump’s advisors wanted him to get in front of a camera himself and tell any supporters from his rally that day to get away from the Capitol grounds and go home.

Liz Cheney reads text messages at 6 Jan. committee hearing, Dec 2021. YouTube, Forbes video

The effect of Cheney’s plaintive lament was to leave the impression that Trump’s advisors were pleading with him in vain.  She referred to her culminating allegation as “President Trump’s supreme dereliction of duty.”

What she left out was the truth that not only did Trump find a camera and urge his supporters to leave and (four times) “go home,” he had also offered federal troops before 6 January to secure the Capitol compound in advance of the congressional vote there.

The troops were refused, apparently by the Sergeant at Arms of Congress, and presumably with Nancy Pelosi’s blessing.  In theory, Trump could have forced them on the congressional leadership anyway.  He, as POTUS, was responsible for the use of federal armed force in the National Capital Region, of which the U.S. Capitol is a part.  He and 330 million Americans know he would have been called a Nazi and a tyrant for forcibly introducing troops, and he didn’t do so – which isn’t conclusive about anything, but is rather a decision that’s debatable.

Cheney’s whole argument, however, had nothing to do with a good-faith debate.  It was an exercise in false depiction of reality, both by what she left out and what she gratuitously included.   In the latter category is her insinuation that Trump had attempted to foment obstruction or insurrection “by action or inaction,” as if there were some evidence that inaction could have produced obstruction or insurrection in this case.  (Such evidence would have to be pretty strong in any case, given the virtual impossibility of causing insurrection or obstructing a process of Congress by inaction.  The weasel-wording effect of adding “or inaction” basically tells us Cheney is determined to find that Trump was behind an insurrection or an obstruction of Congress, even if the only way she can make the case is by not finding that Trump did anything.  If she has to fabricate such a non-finding out of thin air, it seems we can expect her to do so.)

As noted by a number of journalists, Cheney also referred to the texts she was reading as publicly releasable, even though several of them were sent by news people at Fox News, and she did not have their consent for public release, or a warrant from a judge declaring them fair game under a probable-cause justification.  It was outright false to lump the Fox hosts’ texts in with those of Trump’s advisors and other government officials, such as Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and congressmen who texted him.

Too many people have fully functioning memories of the events of 6 January for Cheney to get away with this.  I don’t just remember knowing about Trump’s video message to his rally supporters; I watched it on 6 January, shortly after it was released and as the riot was still unfolding.   It was very shortly after 6 January that we learned Trump had offered the federal troops to protect the Capitol.  Numerous people, like the Fox News hosts, know exactly what they did or saw on that day and the days surrounding it.  The House committee cannot “reveal” things on which it will get no pushback.  Literally millions of people know too much for that.

Cheney, though, seems to think she can simply wave away reality and reframe 6 January to suit a fictional narrative about Trump’s complicity.

But she’s not the only one who wants to wave away reality and reframe.  People on Twitter on Tuesday were astonished to see a tweet from ESPN expressing a wholly counterfactual sentiment about the garage-door rope pull discovered in a NASCAR garage bay by driver Bubba Wallace.

The FBI put dozens of agents on this non-event, which didn’t even rise to the level of a hoax because it wasn’t a case of anyone actually doing anything.  There was a garage-door pull in Bubba Wallace’s garage bay because there was a garage door.  That was it.  That was the FBI’s determination: not only was there no “hate crime,” there wasn’t even any definable suspicious action.

But on 14 December 2021, ESPN, supposedly a sports news and coverage media outlet, dug out this non-event again and reminisced over it as if it had been an actionable event of some hate-crime-adjacent variety.

There are many other, less-high-profile examples of continued adherence to false narratives.  One I observed on Twitter after the Jussie Smollett verdict, when some activists and social media pundits promptly dismissed it and resumed lamenting the terrible state of America in which Mr. Smollett manifestly has to fear being attacked by white Trump supporters shouting a “MAGA” slogan (implicitly to the extent that he hires black acquaintances to fake an attack on him so he can air such an allegation).  Regrettably, I didn’t save the tweets communicating these sentiments.

The instances of bizarre, nutty falsehood – in the face of well-known facts – are mushrooming.  During the first Trump impeachment trial, there was at least a dynamic of serial “revelations” about material unknown to the public.  A lot of it was suspect, unlikely, didn’t parse, or was in fact disprovable, but it was at least a series of supposed revelations elicited by questioning.

That’s not what Liz Cheney was presenting on Monday.  She was just creating a counterfactual narrative by using substance everyone was already aware of – i.e., the content of the texts she read, which reflected sentiments on the part of Trump advisors that were revealed more than 10 months ago –  and giving it a misleading spin.

The media dusting off adjudicated allegations and simply repeating demonstrably false claims about them is a similar pattern.  We’ve gone beyond the territory where such speakers in the public square were trying to persuade the people, respecting the people’s memories and established understandings.  We’ve reached the point where the speakers are just lying, against established understandings and memory – and fully catalogued reality – and apparently trying to achieve the Orwellian goal of wearing down the resistance to lies in people’s minds.

We can confidently predict that a year from now, the media will resurrect the Kyle Rittenhouse story and proclaim that Rittenhouse was acquitted for “crossing state lines with a gun in order to commit white supremacist attacks on people of color” – even though not one syllable of that formulation is true.

A dangerous line has been crossed now.  It’s not just media getting away with standing in front of raging arson fires telling us they’re covering mostly peaceful protests, because media are after all unaccountable and basically get to do that.  It’s public officials perpetrating, and sitting still for, public lying that’s evident to the people – combined with the knowledge that the officials will just keep going down this unconscionable path, and nothing (certainly not the media) will serve to correct them or give them any compunction.

MSNBC video

*Update*:  Many have probably seen today’s revelation, reported by Sean Davis at The Federalist, that Adam Schiff (a member of the 1/6 committee) doctored the contents of a text from Jim Jordan to Mark Meadows, and compounded that by leaving out all the follow-on material from the same text series.  It’s pretty clear Schiff meant to do this, as the truncated content was emphasized as if it had no follow-on or prior context.

The Federalist articles are here and here.  These screen captures show the difference between what Schiff falsely depicted as the text from Jordan, and the full content that constituted the original text series.

Doctored text message from Jim Jordan to Mark Meadows. Via Federalist
Full contents of text message series truncated by Schiff in doctored text. The Federalist; link in text

One may certainly read the accurate rendering of Jordan’s text contents and still disagree with the proposition about Pence’s course of action.  But the falsity of doctoring the only text message that is used, and is made the centerpiece of a political screed, is blatant.

Trump, Bibi, and the Big Eff

Journalist Barak Ravid just published a book (in Hebrew), and as a teaser, we’ve been told that he interviewed Trump for it, and during the course of the interview, Trump said of Bibi Netanyahu “F**k him.”

This was reportedly incident to a discussion of Netanyahu having congratulated Joe Biden on winning the 2020 election.  As the Forward says, Netanyahu’s offense is given as being among the first foreign heads of government to congratulate Biden.  I don’t remember precisely and it’s not important enough to look up; I remember that Bibi did congratulate Biden and it was reported in the media as a rather significant event.

The reason it seemed to be significant, regardless of whether Netanyahu was the first or not, would be the same reason Trump might (if he really did) say “F**k Bibi.”  Let’s just assume he did.  I have no particular cause to doubt it.

Trump and Netanyahu in happier times (2019). CBS video

The reason was that in November 2020, days after Election Day when foreign leaders were finally starting their round of congratulations, the congrats had been delayed because of the disorderly and irregularity-filled vote-counting, especially in the handful of battleground states where audits and court cases still continue to grind on.

There’s nothing to be done about people whose minds are firmly closed to evidence on this matter.  I’ve made my position clear several times now:  I don’t claim, as Trump does, that Trump won, but I do acknowledge that there are so many discrepancies in the vote that we can’t actually say with confidence who won.

Hardly any courts have actually looked at the evidence of vote irregularities, and of the fewer than 10 that have dismissed cases after doing so, none have ruled that there’s no evidence of irregularities in the casting or counting of ballots.  The rulings in those cases have been about whether procedural irregularities that contravened state law could be pursued in court as civil matters.  They’re not about the substantive issue of whether particular votes or blocks of votes were faked, ignored, improperly allowed, tallied deceptively, or otherwise ill-administered.  It’s false to claim that court rulings have proved such concerns to be unwarranted.

But closed minds are closed.  The reason to go over this again is that, Trump bombast aside (and acknowledging that there has been some weird baggage riding along with some of the allegations about vote fraud), Trump did have justification for being very concerned about the irregularities in the 2020 election.

He was relentlessly attacked for that:  accused beforehand of planning to both subvert the election with his own shenanigans and question its validity, and then excoriated for the latter.  (See here for some of the pre-election maneuvering.  Readers will no doubt remember the “war game” sponsored by the self-anointed “Transition Integrity Project,” in which Bill Kristol and David Frum played Donald Trump, and apparently had him madly violating laws and nuking “democracy” at every turn.)

The impeachment attempt in late 2019 was designed to frame Trump as trying to defame his likely electoral opponent, Joe Biden, over the Biden connections to Ukraine.  It was then obvious throughout 2020 that congressional Democrats and the media were using a theme of adverse “intelligence” to continue that framing campaign.  (And see here and here.)

Trump was bound to see the moves made by foreign leaders in the days following the election as “votes” on their part for or against the concerted campaign against him.  He didn’t see a questionable loss in an election replete with irregularities as a minor event that everyone should just move on from.  Rather, it was the biggest thing that had happened to the United States in decades.

A number of commentators have pointed out that Trump’s behavior is unaccountable and annoying only if he didn’t really believe the numerous discrepancies were part of a successful effort to steal the election.  If he did (and does) believe it, his persistence makes sense.  It would be what the current POTUS, Biden, would call a “big [effing] deal,” for an American presidential election to be railroaded through a pile-on of so many discrepancies that they can never be properly investigated and proven one way or the other.

That, to my mind, would explain why Trump would speak crudely and dismissively of a foreign leader in such a situation.  As for Bibi, I don’t see what else he was supposed to do.  It’s not for him to weigh in on the procedural issues of a U.S. election, and as the prime minister of Israel, his paramount concern has to be keeping relations at least on an even keel with Israel’s main ally.

Netanyahu did wait several days to congratulate Biden, as most foreign leaders did.  He didn’t rush it, but delaying it unnaturally would have sent the wrong signal, especially since he could no doubt see the nature of a Biden administration coming from miles away.  He knew far better than many American observers that the Biden team would be so obsessed with appeasing Iran that it would discount and even look to subvert Israeli interests.

There was no reason to help Team Biden along a hostile or feckless path by starting out with failures of protocol and goodwill on Israel’s part.  The context of what each man had reason to think, and consider to be his priority, pretty much explains their actions:  Netanyahu’s and Trump’s.  What’s silly at this point is reporting that Trump said “F**k Bibi,” as if we’re now supposed to make something of that when we’ve been commanded for the last six years to regard Trump as a raving loon.

Military notes: Tankers for Israel

Readers will probably have seen the headlines trumpeting that the Biden administration won’t accelerate delivery of KC-46 airborne tankers to Israel, as Israel has recently requested.

Obviously this isn’t looked on with favor by supporters of Israel.  Receipt or non-receipt of tankers more modern than Israel’s old fleet will affect the IAF’s ability to execute an air strike campaign against Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Israel conceivably has alternatives, such as buying the also-modernized Airbus A330 MRTT second-hand from a current user.  Such a deal could be handled in multiple ways and might result in the tankers going back to the seller when they were no longer needed.  Finding a willing seller would be the biggest hurdle, obviously.

But what makes this worth a Ready Room note, other than the weaselly excuses of the Biden administration (the tankers are “back-ordered” [as if that’s not the perpetual reality of all major military platforms]; there’s a supply chain! problem going on), is that it’s actually odd for there to be so much publicity about it, coming to us in a way that does not involve members of Congress discovering it and getting upset.

Wikipedia. By U.S. Air Force photo by Ethan Wagner –, Public Domain,

Why we’re being told this is the most interesting question.  Maybe the Biden administration is trying to impress Iran.  Maybe.  It’s very unlikely Israel is trying to lodge an objection by spilling this to the media.  To lodge an objection they could just call ranking Senate committee members like Jim Risch or Jim Inhofe, or high-profile well-wishers like Ted Cruz.

Even if no one from Israel initiated a leak (notably, the original report being cited was from Ynet), I do wonder if it serves a purpose of Israel’s to have Iran think the KC-46s are very important to plans in Jerusalem.  There seems to be an unusual amount of deliberate noise around this rejected request.

Russia Russia Russia

The second note is about Russia’s recent statement that she may be “forced” to deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles to Europe.

Presumably, Russia is referring to intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBMs) or cruise missiles (ground-launched cruise missiles, or GLCMs).  These are the missiles that were eliminated from Europe under the INF Treaty signed by Reagan and Gorbachev in 1987.  Because of evidence that Russia was putting such missiles in play again in Europe, Trump withdrew the U.S. from the INF Treaty in 2019.

The signal, according to Russia, is about making the 1987 intermediate-range agreement a negotiating topic again.  By implication, it’s the pretext for a set of demands, and as a predicate for that, for a set of declarations about Russian interests as the issues of Ukraine, NATO, the Black Sea, Russia’s Arctic claims, and Russia’s role in the Middle East and Far East roil around.

Make no mistake, as a previous POTUS-in-Chief used to say.  This isn’t a paper drill.  Russia means it to have a real effect.  Russia has missiles she could station in western Russia or Belarus to threaten Europe with:  RS-26 ICBMs that can be used at sub-ICBM ranges (less than 3,400 statute miles, or 5,500 km), and have been tested at IRBM range using heavier payloads.  Deployment of such missiles would decrease travel and warning time to Europe, and mirror the threat posed by SS-20 ICBMs deployed in the same way in the 1970s.

The ground-launched version of the Kalibr cruise missile deployed in Russian navy ships – the GLCM being the 9M729 (SS-C-8) – is already in service in Russia, and can also be deployed to western Russia or Belarus.  (As Reuters notes, NATO believes the GLCM is already deployed in the European area of western Russia.)  The 9M729 has a range of up to 1,550 statute miles (2,500 km).

The governing lifestyle. CCTV video, YouTube

Both missile types are nuclear-capable.  I don’t think the U.S. and NATO are the only audience for this performance.  It’s increasingly obvious that there needs to be a strategic weapons negotiating path with China, and Moscow will want to be an established feature of the landscape for that development.  The Russians will put down stakes early.  That’s a big thing I see them doing with this move:  setting the stage to their narrative before the other players have arrived to do a script reading.

They’d like to have a bargaining chip with the U.S. and NATO on European security issues.  Those issues include how much latitude the “Atlantic” powers are to have in defending themselves against a threat from Iran.  The Russians want to hold a veto over that, especially as it involves missile-defense picket ships in the Black Sea, and NATO missile defenses in Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland.

But they also need to establish facts on the ground — a sort of Russia Max position — before China starts having stated opinions and interests in a multi-party dynamic.   It’s not advantageous to inaugurate the next phase of international relations with Russia any less beefed up than she has to be.  The Russians would see that more clearly than we would, from further away, since they share a neighborhood with Beijing.

Feature image: U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Felix Garza Jr. (Via Wikimedia Commons)


11 thoughts on “TOC Ready Room 15 Dec 2021: Contra-indicative speech; Trump’s F-bomb; military notes”

  1. It’s weird. Liz seems to have an unhealthy obsession with trying to damage Trump so that he can’t realistically run again. It doesn’t seem personal. And what are the policy disputes? Trump wants to put America’s interests first, and make things better for Americans. Isn’t that Liz Cheney’s desire as well?

    Or has she signed onto Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and a globalist new world order? That’s about the only thing that makes sense, if she’s so willing to trash her reputation.

    As for Trump’s comments regarding Bibi, Donald is a NYer and that’s how they talk. Annoyed one moment, then back to being best friends an hour later.

    1. Could it be that Liz Cheney is obliged to please the Bushes with her performance/prevarication during this so-called investigation of the January 6 obvious false flag smear of Trump?

      Yes, there was an insurrection and attempted coup – but it took place over several months – from November 3 through January 20. The coup was the stolen election and betrayal of our national election system – aided and abetted by congress, courts, military and media – stolen from the American people who voted overwhelmingly for President Trump.

      The stolen election was the product of the Democrat Party and Obama the community organizer, plus a lot of help from the corrupt Dominion machines – and it’s become obvious that the pandemic was manufactured as part of the coup, to make mail-in votes possible and to stop the Trump economy.

      All of it was done with disregard for our nation and people.

      1. Welcome, GA/FL. The one-time “approval” is done for your commenting persona now, so any comments you add later should appear automatically. Apologies for the delay in getting this one up (the “approval” requirement is a must, to suppress the constant spam attacks).

        I’m hard-put to know what’s going on with Liz Cheney. She seems somewhat different now from the much more cheerful, relatable person she was 10-15 years ago, when she was a popular commentator on Fox. She’s always sour-faced these days. My impression is there may be something going on that the public can’t see; perhaps some kind of pressure being put on her.

        But that’s just an impressionistic guess. I don’t know, and have to oppose the direction she’s going because it’s so bad for the country and reminiscent of the tactics of 20th-century despotic regimes. Preoccupying legislatures with political witch hunts is a classic tactic to neuter them, and it’s obvious the 1/6 committee is nothing more than a witch hunt, given that it can’t get one foot out of the gate without a barrage of blatant lies.

        1. Re: Liz is a Cheney. Without keeping track, did not T45 try to destroy VP Cheney’s war legacy?
          Am trying to not follow the J6 Ctte, except with retweets that do. The Schiff falsification, too juicy to ignore, should be his downfall.

          Adding, from my daily post at LU: the Associated Press (AP) is now doing “investigations” in addition to skewed reporting, relying on misleading methodology.
          Don’t waste your time. This was so trivial, and ludicrous, I skimmed, looking for their methodology.

          Far too little vote fraud to tip election to Trump, AP finds. By Christina A. Cassidy December 14, 2021 Atlanta (AP) — An Associated Press review of every potential case of voter fraud in the six battleground states disputed by former President Donald Trump has found fewer than 475 — a number that would have made no difference in the 2020 presidential election. […buried halfway through] For its review, AP reporters in five states contacted roughly 340 election offices for details about every instance of potential voter fraud that was identified as part of their post-election review and certification process.[…]

          That’s like contacting 340 foxes for an egg count!
          Not a coincidence that the B-Team has decided to putsch ‘election reform’ through Congress, because Build Back Better was shelved in the Senate.
          America is in a State of Hysteric Cacophony!

          Mostly, my daily post is about MENA. What was interesting about the KC-46 tanker story was the timing: Dec. 14, 2021 18:07
          the day after PM Bennett’s meet in UAE with MbZ, same day 42nd GCC+Egypt meets in Riyadh, and, then UAE told Reuters:

          Dec. 14, 2021 21:21 The United Arab Emirates has informed the United States that it will suspend discussions to acquire F-35 fighter jets, a UAE official said on Tuesday, part of a $23 billion deal with the ally that also includes drones and other advanced munitions.

          Actually sounds, to me, like GCC + Egypt prefers interoperability, and UAE did just order 80 French Rafale fighter jets, which Egypt and Qatar fly.

          Macron still smiling about UAE’s Rafales. Takes his mind off Lebanon, which had a currency meltdown, same day as Turkey and AFG.

          Wish there was a drone that could kill Fake News for False Narratives!

          1. Yes, I saw that AP article, and laughed myself silly over the methodology for “disproving” vote fraud. “Hey, kids, let’s ask scores of election officials, all invested in saying there was never any election fraud on their watch, whether there was election fraud! Let’s also put on a show in the barn to raise money for Ma’s tax bill! Mickey here has Busby Berkeley’s prop department on speed dial!”

            Seemed too silly to comment on.

            I can only wish UAE the best in switching to the Rafale. It’s glaringly obvious that dragging heels on the F-35 is punishment for UAE working closely with Trump and thwarting the Obama-Biden policy on Iran, Arab matters (get your daily readout from Qatar), and Israel. It would be nice to have senators who weren’t an inert quantity when these things come up, but the 50-50 split makes everything an epic challenge, and the Senate priority this year has been the $5 trillion life-altering boondoggle.

            I don’t know that Trump’s words about Iraq matter enough to the Cheneys for Liz to change her spots the way she has. But clearly she’s working to exterminate Trump as a political quantity.

            Ironically, if Trump were still in office, we’d still be in Afghanistan (at a lower but sustainable level), and our posture in Iraq would have been bolstered by deployment of the Iron Dome systems we accelerated testing and integration on in 2020, after the Iranian missile and rocket attack on our bases in Irbil and at Al-Asad. Our troops in eastern Syria wouldn’t keep coming under attack from rockets and drones launched by Iran-backed militias. Dick Cheney would have scorned to behave as “Biden” does; Trump’s eventual approach was much closer to what Cheney would have approved of.

            I don’t know what Liz Cheney is invested in that drives her to participate in the anti-Trump madness. Whatever it is, it’s sad.

            1. AP still retains “credibility” to provide the “there was no fraud” lede.
              On Dec 19, following the news from the OIC Extraordinary Summit on AFG in Islamabad, the difference between AP and AFP ledes was similarly stark.

              (AP) – Islamic countries scrambled on Sunday to find ways to help Afghanistan avert an imminent economic collapse they say would have a “horrendous” global impact.
              The hastily called meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Islamabad […]

              There was nothing “hasty” or “scrambled”.
              AFP’s report was far more factual
              Neither included how MbS left no stone unturned to craft the meet, with full support from GCC. Crystal clear MbS and MbZ have read this, an indictment of the USA’s crashing the AFG economy, with 9 to 23 million now at risk of famine this winter. 48 page Dec 6, 2021 report has all the detail:

              My surprise about Dec 19 was how the Saudis put it on PAK’s PM Khan and FM Qureshi to make it work, “or else”. Then I got distracted by Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, not just because she was wearing Chanel flats. Check out the photos of her meet with TB Muttaqi:

              9:13 AM · Dec 18, 2021 Menteri Luar Negeri Republik Indonesia @Menlu_RI
              Indonesia government official
              Met with representative of Taliban, Amir Khan Muttaqi in Islamabad (18/12) and discussed humanitarian situation, education, and women empowerment.

              Retno seemed to have the most bilaterals on the sidelines.

              Qatar had to stop funding the MusBros as a key condition of re-entering the GCC with the Al Ula Agreement of Jan. 5, 2021 the last Kushner/Berkowitz/Hook deal, which might be more transformational than the Abraham Accords. I’ve been tracking QAT clues all year.

              Thanks so much for clearing out the LU spam. Wish the posts were worthy.
              Happy New Year! in advance.

            2. Dec. 19 was more interesting than most realize:

              India discusses Afghanistan with Central Asia, Pakistan hosts special OIC meet same day. India builds ‘regional consensus’ with Central Asian countries on Afghanistan. Concurrently, Pakistan creates fund under Islamic Development Bank at a special OIC session.
              Nayanima Basu 20 December, 2021 11:02 am IST […] For the 3rd meeting of the India-Central Asia Dialogue, foreign ministers from all the five Central Asian countries — Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyz Republic — were in attendance in New Delhi. […] The Central Asian countries were in attendance at the OIC meet too. […] Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and UAE sent their diplomats back to Kabul, for which Muttaqi thanked the respective governments. […]
     Photo of the third India-Central Asia Dialogue in Delhi on 19 December 2021 | Twitter/@DrSJaishankar

              UZB sent their Transport Minister to OIC in PAK.
              Thought it weird that KAZ astanatimes had no report on either Dec 19 meet.
              KAZ supplies most of AFG’s 2.5 million tons of import wheat and flour. Have been assuming UAE quietly paid KAZ for that, part of UAE’s 10BIL$ investment in KAZ.

        2. Thanks so much for your gracious welcome. Took a while to realize you were no longer posting at LU and another while to find you. You are much admired by many for your incisive, logical, balanced analysis, and for your manners and kindness too.

          Yes, now that you mention it, Liz doesn’t seem happy, but strained. It might also be partly due to her polls and job insecurity. Well, she chose to go against the huge Trump voter base and ignore citizens’ needs/wants. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – blessings and peace. I’ll keep checking in to read. Thanks for keeping on.

          1. Of course, my comment was mainly my own surmising/suspicions from all the subsequent revelations, etc. over time. I always enjoyed your pointing out the gaps-weaknesses of my beliefs.

          2. Thanks for the kind words, GA/FL We tried to give sufficient warning when Howard Portnoy and I left LU, but I’m sure our farewell posts are lost in the mists of time now. I resurrected TOC in October after we said goodbye at LU.

            A most Merry and blessed Christmas to you and yours as well. Don’t be stranger around TOC.

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