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  1. Great to see you, AH_C. Yes, Howard Portnoy and I had to make the bittersweet decision to close out Liberty Unyielding under our stewardship. Social media had our audience shrinking instead of growing (as it did briskly in the first 4+ years of the LU blog).

    I’ll be putting up a feature post at TOC in the next 24 hours (less, I hope).

  2. Oh! About that Moderation thing… I understand, but am still disturbed by “moderation”. Moderates, as the late great Rush Limbaugh intoned, are people waiting for popular opinion to tell them what to believe.

    I promise, as always, to keep things non-profane, though sticking strictly to the point is difficult… it goes against my “out of the box” sort of thought patterns.


  3. Liberty Unyielding stopped mail years ago. I MISSED YOU SO MUCH FOOTSIE

    On Tue, Oct 5, 2021 at 7:52 PM The Optimistic Conservative wrote:

    > theoptimisticconservative posted: ” Please see information about J.E. > Dyer, the Optimistic Conservative, here. ” >

  4. Ms. Dyer – I was saddened to learn of the closure of the Liberty Unyielding site. Your blog posts (and those of your LU colleagues) were always informative and inspiring. In this dreadful season of media lies and head fakes, your recounting and analysis of national and world events was always a welcome read. I hope that your work at TOC continues. Best wishes, my Christian sister, and God speed!

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