German schools rename ‘St. Martin’s Day’ fest – but look who opposes doing that

Preemptive dhimmitude.

St. Martin's Day - too Christian for the European left. (Image: Mitteldeutsche Zeitung)
St. Martin’s Day – too Christian for the European left. (Image: Mitteldeutsche Zeitung)

You just know this latest in the thousand cuts of “multi-kulti” cultural suicide has to do with fear of offending Muslim immigrants.  And it does.

But I urge readers to look past the surface and keep in mind who’s doing the slice-and-dice job.

The story at hand involves a school in Oberkassel, Dusseldorf, which has redesignated the traditional St. Martin’s Day festival, held on 11 November, as an absurdly generic “Festival of Light.”  German media reported this late last week, and it was picked up quickly by English-language outlets.  (It’s worth making the point, as an aside, that we not only have to give up the richness of our own Western culture to supposedly avoid offending those from other cultures; we have to dumb everything down as well, turning ourselves into primitive animists and nature-worshipers.  Having a festival about “light” is so 10,000 years ago.)

We can say all the usual, justifiable things about how wrong this is.  And we should.  But it’s imperative that we also remember who is behind these actions.  It’s not the Muslim immigrants.

It’s the self-abnegating leftists who run most Western institutions, including the schools.

There are a couple of key things to note.

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2 thoughts on “German schools rename ‘St. Martin’s Day’ fest – but look who opposes doing that”

  1. It will be interesting to see the statistics on whether there is any increase in fourth quarter German muffle furnace production. Especially if Topf & Sons goes back into business.

    That’s always a good historical indicator on how Germans really feel.

  2. Good Evening Ma’am,

    Bout that USMA luncheon. Other worldly sources, that wish to remain anonymous, inform me that both Patroclus and Hephaestion would have politely declined attending said event, privately stating that “That’s not at all what we had in mind, These fools are gonna get their ass kicked bigtime if they keep this up.” 🙂

    And in another sign Europe is close to boiling over…

    Additionally. Possible Balkans to Bessarabia flip to Russia increasing in probability. Now over 25% in near future. Curious to see if Moldova ends up shutting West’s door to Odessa oblast shut. Misha may have to start chewing on his tie again…

    Change of direction, on Western policies ranging from geopolitical to economic issues in Europe and MENA, now critically urgent. But, who’s listening?

    Best regards, as ever

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